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Last Updated: April 17, 2024

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We see beyond transactions; we see individuals with dreams, goals, and aspirations.

- Anh Tran, CFP®, Esq., managing partner of Sage Mint Wealth

We’re proud to announce that 179 LPL affiliated advisors were recently ranked among the top financial advisors in their respective states in Forbes 2024 Best-in-State Wealth Advisors report. Up from 139 LPL advisors who made the list in 2023, this record increase highlights the continued growth and success of LPL advisors. 

To learn more about what it takes to become a top financial advisor, we asked LPL advisors mentioned in the Best-in-State report to share the secrets to their success. Here’s what they had to say. 

Offer financial planning and specialize in a niche area

When I think about the pivotal factors of my success, there are several to choose from,” said Kenneth Van Leeuwen, CFP®, founder and managing director of Van Leeuwen & Company, LLC. “The first is focusing on and providing comprehensive financial planning to 95% of my clients and charging a separate fee for these services. This has empowered me to build transparent, long-term relationships with my clients, which have supported both their and my firm’s growth throughout the years.

“Additionally, specializing in a niche area of clients – for me, corporate executives, and their families – has been an undeniable contributor to my success. I learned that especially when working with corporate executives, it’s important to play the ‘long game’ and grow and achieve alongside one another.” 

Listen and empathize – especially with multigenerational clients

“Even clients with the most thoughtful financial plans can find themselves in difficult moments, especially when suddenly dealing with the death of a loved one or a career transition,” shared Lindsey Donovan Rhea, CFP®, wealth strategist and owner of Alia Wealth Partners

“In those moments, we often find ourselves playing as much the role of a therapist as we are a strategist. That’s something that isn’t taught in financial planning courses and involves crucial skills such as empathy and listening to the intent and emotions behind the words our clients say. With multigenerational clients, it can be an especially important skill in navigating relationships through times of trauma, and even just the nuances of their interpersonal dealings in normal situations.” 

Focus on service excellence

Anh Tran, CFP®, Esq., managing partner of Sage Mint Wealth stated, “I believe that our success is a result of our unwavering commitment to providing our clients with the highest level of service. At the core of our approach is a genuine care for each and every client. We see beyond transactions; we see individuals with dreams, goals, and aspirations. This deeply rooted level of care drives us to go above and beyond, ensuring that every interaction is not just satisfactory but truly exceptional. We don’t just meet our clients’ needs; we anticipate them and exceed expectations at every turn.” 

“A difference maker in our success,” said David Winston, executive wealth advisor at Winston Wealth Advisors, “is that we create a unique financial plan for each client and don’t fall into the trap of a one-size-fits-all approach to wealth management. As a large boutique firm, we see success by focusing on the long term and utilizing leading technologies for an enhanced client experience.”

Mike Boyer, CFP® owner of Boyer Financial Planning, Inc. added, “Having a very good, dedicated staff and clients who we consider family allows us to be very successful in this industry.”

Don’t be afraid to work hard

Lastly, commitment and perseverance for the long haul are key. “Work is not optional or always easy. You need to work harder and smarter than everyone especially when you don’t feel like it,” said Deborah Danielson, CFP®, MSFS, president and owner of Danielson Financial Group. “Long-term success is being smart plus discipline, timing, and stick-to-itiveness.”

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The Forbes Best-In-State Wealth Advisor ranking, developed by SHOOK Research, is based on in-person and telephone due diligence meetings and a ranking algorithm that includes client retention, industry experience, review of compliance records, firm nominations; and quantitative criteria, including assets under management and revenue generated for their firms. Portfolio performance is not a criterion due to varying client objectives and lack of audited data. Neither Forbes nor SHOOK Research receives a fee in exchange for rankings. Click here for the Forbes Best-In-State ranking and more.

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