How to sell your financial advisory business to simplify your
operations or create your succession plan

What is Liquidity & Succession?

Liquidity & Succession provides an end-to-end experience for advisors looking to increase business value and monetize the legacy they’ve built while also freeing themselves of business owner duties. Through a market-competitive M&A transaction with LPL, you can recognize the enterprise value of your business while continuing to serve clients how you see fit. You instantly gain the benefits of a fully-loaded support structure with minimal disruption to your clients.

When it comes to selling your financial advisory business, we know you’ve got a variety of options. But Liquidity & Succession places a priority on competitive valuation and compensation, diligent support, and short- and long-term strategizing. That goes for financial advisors who are looking to simplify by offloading business owner duties or those who want to create a smooth transition through strategic succession planning.

Liquidity & Succession goes beyond a business valuation or selling your business for a monetization event. It’s about refocusing on why you became an advisor in the first place—to provide personalized, independent financial advice to your clients.

The next evolution of your business

Refocus on your clients - Financial advisor liquidity

Sell your book of business to LPL to refocus on the “why” behind your business instead of the “how” behind running it. You simplify your business operations with the help of a fully-loaded support structure and de-risk your business through a competitive monetization event.  

Preserve your legacy - Financial advisor succession 

Sell your book of business to LPL, and we’ll help you execute your existing succession plan agreement or craft and implement a new one. LPL acts as the bridge connecting you with your legacy through strategic exit strategy support.

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You know your business best. And we want to keep it that way. We place a priority on maintaining:

- Your brand
- Your investment philosophy
- Your client service model

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As you prepare to sell your book of business, you will see a competitive business valuation to reward you for what you’ve built. As you progress post-sale, we provide an ongoing compensation structure that incentivizes you to keep growing.

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Dedicated Field Management team

Your dedicated Field Management team facilitates the next evolution of your business, providing strategic support without micromanaging day-to-day operations.

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End-to-end experience

Before, during, and after the sale of your business to LPL, your step-by-step transition is completely customized to you and the goals for your business.

Benefits for your clients


Minimum disruption to your client service model 

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Maximum support from LPL, so you can spend more time focused on clients.

How Liquidity & Succession helps advisors

“[My] business grew and grew to the point where there was so much stuff that was weighing down on me on the weekends and at nights [about] having to run my business… I talked to LPL, and they gave me the opportunity where I no longer had to worry about my P&L, payroll, registrations, licensing, marketing, the lease on my building… And it’s made my life so much easier so that I can be more efficient and serve my clients better.” 

- Marc Freedman

Make the most of the next phase of your business

The future of your wealth management practice is always top of mind. We’ll help you carry out your vision for your business through operational support and/or transition support to the next generation.

If you’re planning to sell your financial advisory practice, you should have a hand in its continued success. Stay invested in your practice with:

  • Value creation
  • A deal structure that meets your objectives
  • 100% cash consideration approach with no clawbacks
  • Ongoing payout to align incentives
  • Comprehensive growth strategy
  • Ownership transition that bolsters business continuity, including incentivizing successors long-term through a unique economic model
  • Strategic internal or external succession planning and exit strategy support 
What advisors are saying about Liquidity & Succession
marc freeman

“It’s made my life so much easier so that I can be more efficient and serve my clients better.” - Marc Freedman

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