LPL Strategic Wealth Services

Do what you do best. Let us do the rest.

LPL Strategic Wealth Services is a truly tailored experience for financial advisors breaking away from the wirehouse.

Get the benefits of owning your business—your name on the door, your vision, your legacy—without the hassles of entrepreneurship. With a team of practitioners working directly for you, you’ll be free to focus solely on managing your clients’ wealth.

Real People at LPL Get You Real Results

You get a dedicated team of experts who run your business. You’re the owner and driver, and they function like your staff, handling logistics on your behalf. That includes strategic work as well as daily functions, like managing social media, scheduling client meetings, and processing new accounts. They’re not consultants, and they’re not “a resource.” They’re practitioners working for your business.

You’ll be paired with an executive coach who coordinates various business functions—financial technology, marketing, administration, etc.—and helps you hone your entrepreneurial instincts.

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One Fee, No Fuss

A truly integrated service, one fee gets you the full Strategic Wealth Services experience. That includes setting up your wealth management business for launch and running your ongoing operations.

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Backed By Scale

Benefit from partnering with the nation’s leading independent broker-dealer and top 3 custodian. With LPL’s resources and expertise, your needs aren’t just met—they’re anticipated.

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Everything Under One Roof

Unlike competitors, LPL couples supported independence with integrated custody and broker-dealer solutions. You get: One integrated platform. One client statement. One team to call.

The Momentum Is Building

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“Because of my background with the wire, I was convinced that any time you asked a question, they were coached to tell you no the first time and make you ask again. I realized as I got over here and was asking questions of people, the questions they were asking back weren’t telling me no—they were trying to figure out how they could make it happen. That’s just the first time I realized I’d saddled up beside a partner who was really going to be a good one. Every time I bring something to their attention, LPL has proven time again they’re going be a fantastic partner.”

-- Mike Ashworth, Ashworth Financial Group

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How It Works

Your dedicated Strategic Wealth Services team functions like your staff. You’ll work with them daily to run a business that reflects your values, personality, style, and preferences. They get to know you—from the day you sign onward—and are invested in your success.

You choose how you want to structure your new business. Our team gets you there—from the moment you decide to leave your current firm through setting up the business. They then continue to run your ongoing, day-to-day operations, including marketing, human resources, IT, accounts payable and receivable, administration, and more.

Your Partnership With LPL

And with LPL, you get a broker-dealer, custody, and clearing all in one place. This gives you a simple, intuitive experience as part of one dedicated relationship.

Your relationship with LPL also includes:

  • High-net-worth consulting
  • Integrated custody and brokerage
  • Business risk management—with compliance management, shared regulatory risk, and professional liability insurance
  • Investment management platform for individually managed and centrally managed portfolios

Whether you’re breaking away from the wirehouse or starting a new chapter for your independent practice, your LPL Strategic Wealth Services team will help you get up and running. They’ll transition accounts, help you find and acquire an office location, address any legal needs involved in transitioning your book, introduce you to LPL resources—anything you need. 

What Financial Advisors Are Saying About Strategic Wealth Services

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“It’s a weight lifted off my shoulders to not be chasing production anymore. I’m chasing quality and it really does feel different. We’re all very happy to come in each day.”

Brian Lynn, Claritas Financial Partners

mike ashworth


“People say all the time, ‘You just don’t know what you’ve been missing until you’ve done it.’ That’s certainly true. It’s been a breath of fresh air, for sure.”

Mike Ashworth, Ashworth Financial Group

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“People didn’t just get us here. They’re still coming back to us, checking on us, following up with us. They’re still there. They’re present. And that’s appreciated.”

Marc DeCicco, North Bend Wealth Management

Breakaway Wealth Management Launches at LPL
August 15, 2023 LPL Financial
“The culture of LPL, specifically the culture within the Strategic Wealth program, is aligned with what we’re trying to create.” - Roger Relucio
Case Study: The View from Tower 68 Advisors
January 03, 2023 LPL Financial
“Today we’re in a market where the tide is out and the rip currents are pretty tumultuous. It doesn’t really matter where you’re swimming, you’re getting sucked out to sea. That’s a very difficult thing to deal with,” notes Ken South, founder of Tower 68 Financial Advisors. During times like these, investors need steadfast guidance.
Case Study: Finding an Ideal Succession Plan
November 18, 2022 LPL Financial
“The Strategic Wealth Services platform makes it very simple. I don’t have all those things to worry about on a regular basis. I’ve heard so many folks say before that if they had just known how nice it was going to be, they would have gone a lot sooner. For me, that’s been the case. It’s been eye opening for sure.” – Mike Ashworth
New Independent Practice Joins Strategic Wealth Services
October 11, 2022 LPL Financial
“With LPL’s size and scale, we have an unbelievable array of services and products to help us serve our clients.” – Joseph Montgomery
Advisor Alex Guiliano Joins LPL Strategic Wealth Services
October 06, 2022 LPL Financial
“The Strategic Wealth program lets me focus on building the client experience without having to focus on day-to-day operations.” - Alexander Guiliano
Advisor Ivan Hendricks Joins LPL Strategic Wealth Services
July 13, 2022 LPL Financial
“I spent almost a year investigating my options, going through the pros and cons and LPL always came out on top.” - Ivan Hendricks
LPL Financial Welcomes Two New Advisors
June 23, 2022 LPL Financial
“We love being part of a team of advisors at River’s Edge. We also appreciate LPL’s technology, compliance, marketing and account resources.”
LPL Financial Launches Private Client Services Network
June 15, 2022 LPL Financial
New program creates a full-service option for LPL advisors to use vetted providers to better serve the needs of affluent clients
Advisor Nick Bevad Chooses LPL Strategic Wealth Services
May 04, 2022 LPL Financial
“This decision did not come lightly; I put in a lot of due diligence over the last few years … and I always came back to LPL.”
Mindy Diamond and Kimberly Sanders Discuss Independence
April 21, 2022 LPL Financial
LPL Financial’s Kimberly Sanders joined Mindy and Louis Diamond to discuss the trend for advisor independence — and how LPL’s Strategic Wealth Services model is meeting their needs. This supported independence model enables advisors to run independent practices while they benefit from a suite of services and support of dedicated LPL teams.
Platte River Private Wealth Launches at LPL Financial
April 20, 2022 LPL Financial
“With LPL, we really believe we operate with our clients’ best interests in mind.” – Chad Keeler
20th Advisor Team Joins LPL Strategic Wealth Services
April 07, 2022 LPL Financial
The Walker Covey Wealth Advisor team boasts over 20 years of financial guidance experience and is committed to supporting clients at every step of their financial journey. “We are excited to build a practice where can provide our clients with high-touch service to help relieve some of their financial worries,” Walker said.
Alcove Private Wealth Launches at LPL
March 28, 2022 LPL Financial
“We found that Strategic Wealth was a nice sweet spot. We have the independence and freedom to operate our practice on our own terms, coupled with SW’s comprehensive model that provides a high level of support and resources as we build our new independent business.” – Daryl Lipkin
Highland Wealth Partners Launches at LPL
March 07, 2022 LPL Financial
“After careful research, we selected LPL Financial because of its deep commitment to supporting our firm, and in turn, our clients. It was important for us to be with a partner that prioritized our clients’ needs and interests above everything else.” – Richard DeYoung
Clifford-Lewis Private Wealth Launches at LPL
January 25, 2022 LPL Financial
“We appreciate that we own the business and have control over each decision, but we have a great Strategic Wealth Services team supporting us, enabling us to focus on our clients and spend time doing what we love.” – Clifford Lewis
New LPL Strategic Wealth Services Practice Launches
January 24, 2022 LPL Financial
“We are excited to build a practice where we can provide our clients with high-touch service to help relieve some of their financial worries.” – Andy Walker
Hugh Lau Launches Practice with LPL Strategic Wealth Services
January 13, 2022 LPL Financial
“We’re a small team of two, so we needed the added layer of support from LPL Strategic Wealth Services. This gives us very robust support, but the freedom to build the practice on our own terms.” - JoAnn Kreitman
Point 32 Launches with LPL Strategic Wealth Services Support
December 06, 2021 LPL Financial
“LPL Strategic Wealth Services is a turnkey model that not only helps with the initial startup, but also provides us with dedicated team members to strategically support my business, leaving me with more time to focus on my clients, children and community outreach.” – Brian Nydegger
David Winchell Launches New Practice with LPL Strategic Wealth Services
October 25, 2021 LPL Financial
“I looked at every model at multiple firms, but LPL stood out for its high standards, innovative technology and mission to take care of its advisors so they can take care of their clients.” – David Winchell
LPL Welcomes Alia Wealth Partners
October 06, 2021 LPL Financial
“My top priority was the ability to enhance the client experience by providing them with innovative new tools they can use to easily access their account information.” – Lindsey D. Rhea
Polaris Team joins LPL Strategic Wealth Services
September 27, 2021 LPL Financial
“We really appreciate all that LPL Strategic Wealth Services brings to the team and we truly believe this is the best way to elevate our service and enrich the client experience.” – Justin Dunwoody
All-Female Team Joins LPL Strategic Wealth Services
September 20, 2021 LPL Financial
“We interviewed several firms and determined that the boutique service model of LPL Strategic Wealth Services would be the ideal partnership to serve our clients.” – Crystal Walker
New Independent Practice Launches with Support of LPL
September 13, 2021 LPL Financial
“The time is ripe for advisors looking to transition to independence, and we want to start our firm and welcome other likeminded advisors into our network.” - John Stephens, Jr.
StrateFi Wealth Management Launches with LPL Support
August 25, 2021 LPL Financial
“With the support of the LPL Strategic Wealth Services team, we have more time to interface with clients, analyze their portfolios and really give them a differentiated experience.” - Merrick Nguyen
Research and Due Diligence Bring Tower Team to LPL Strategic Wealth Services
August 12, 2021 LPL Financial
“I can’t stress enough the joy derived from enhancing our practice and creating differentiated experiences for our clients. Their happiness and financial wellbeing are what is most important.” - Ken South said.
LPL Financial’s Strategic Wealth Services Sees Momentum
July 29, 2021 LPL Financial
At its heart, LPL Strategic Wealth Services is a breakaway solution to help wirehouse advisors go independent. But it’s so much more—it’s a team of LPL partners who run advisor businesses on their behalf. Strategic Wealth Services offers the opportunity to realize the benefits of independence without the headaches of entrepreneurship.
Team serving $580 million join LPL’s Strategic Wealth Services
June 28, 2021 LPL Financial
“We believe that LPL provides the most proficient platform with no proprietary products. Its focus is keenly on innovation and operational support to help advisors succeed.” – Steve Carlsen
Larry Boggs and Team Breakaway to LPL's Strategic Wealth Services
June 21, 2021 LPL Financial
“LPL offers the independence and flexibility I’ve been craving.” – Larry Boggs
New Independent Practice Launches with Strategic Wealth Services
April 12, 2021 LPL Financial
“LPL Strategic Wealth Services really allows us to simplify our business and have the strategic support so that we can really focus on our business and strip away some of the noise.” - Josh Brown

LPL Strategic Wealth Services FAQ

1. What is Strategic Wealth Services?

Strategic Wealth Services is an elite service model designed to provide tenured LPL Financial advisors and teams with a differentiated level of support during and after their transition. Strategic Wealth Services allows them to take full advantage of business ownership without the added burdens of business management. 

2. What services does Strategic Wealth Services provide?

All Strategic Wealth Services teams have access to the integrated wealth management platform and sophisticated resources they need to run a thriving practice, as well as continuous customized support for both daily operations and long-term business management. Strategic Wealth Services helps with the transition to independence by providing dedicated support for real estate build-out, brand development, technology setup, and HR services. Post-transition, the value of the Strategic Wealth Services model shifts to ongoing strategic, administrative, marketing, and CFO support that allows advisors to stay focused on the clients’ needs, culture, and growing their practice.

3. Do I control the management of my firm or does LPL?

All Strategic Wealth Services advisors own their business and control the direction, management, and culture of their firm. Strategic Wealth Services support and consulting teams help the owner execute their vision, but the advisor remains in control of their practice.

4. Do I own my clients under Strategic Wealth Services?

Client ownership is one of the core tenets of independence. LPL believes advisors own that relationship, regardless of their affiliation model.

5. How am I paid?

Advisors are paid out at 100%. They pay a business-to-business fee to LPL for the suite of professional services, tools, and resources designed to allow Strategic Wealth Services firms to efficiently operate their independent business.

6. Who provides and supports my office's tech?

All Strategic Wealth Services firms are outfitted with the hardware, infrastructure, and efficiency software required to operate their business. The Strategic Wealth Services Technology Solutions team supports that hardware and software going forward. The Strategic Wealth Services FinTech consulting team works with each firm to design their custom tech stack – including industry leading CRM, financial planning, proposal generation, and portfolio management software – in a way that optimizes them. These services and applications are all covered by the Strategic Wealth Services service fee.

7. How is Strategic Wealth Services different than the Linsco employee model?

The key difference is Strategic Wealth Services advisors have full control over their brands, office location, and who they hire. They own their business and operate on a 1099 basis with LPL. Linsco advisors are W-2 employees and work within the structure of Linsco.

8. How is Strategic Wealth Services different from a wirehouse?

Strategic Wealth Services advisors own their own business and have complete control over their branding, culture, staffing and clients. They make all decisions regarding the growing of their business. The Strategic Wealth Services extended management team supports individual firms’ aspirations and helps them execute key initiatives, but they don’t set objectives or sales quotas.  

1Cerulli Associates, 2019 U.S. RIA Marketplace Report

* VAUM is defined as all assets that are considered transferrable to LPL based on the AUM reporting provided by the advisor from their prior firm, including all brokerage, advisory, retirement, and cash assets. This number is substantiated by Advisor Capital during the time of underwriting for transition assistance. Advisor Capital is LPL Financials' finance team who owns the deployment of transition assistance cash deployment and is in charge of asset verification for onboarding recruits. Amount stated is as of May 2021.

** Net Promoter Scores are a measure of satisfaction through the eyes of LPL advisors, determined through surveys, calculating a net of promoters and detractors which tell us how likely these advisors are to recommend LPL to a colleague.

The views and opinions expressed by the LPL Financial Advisor(s) may not be representative of the views of other Financial Advisors and are not indicative of future performance or success. Neither LPL Financial nor the LPL Financial Advisor can be held responsible for any direct or incidental loss incurred by applying any of the information offered. The Advisor firms listed and LPL Financial are separate entities.