LPL Financial supports large RIAs and OSJ with a suite of unique resources

Large Enterprise Business Model for Financial Institutions

LPL Financial provides the tools necessary for large RIAs and OSJs to sustain and accelerate practice growth. Through advanced technology, industry-leading research capabilities, and education and development opportunities, you can streamline practice management for greater efficiency and build your book of business.

LPL can offer a diversity of quality solutions that can be customized to match your needs and streamline your operations.

Resources that Scale with Your Practice

When your enterprise chooses LPL Financial, you gain access to resources and support that help address investor needs and strengthen your practice. Through a scalable platform, clearing and advisory services, and advanced technology, we can help your team deliver the service your clients deserve. As your needs or client demands dictate, we adapt and tailor your organization’s support accordingly.

Advance Beyond Limitations

In an ever-evolving and volatile marketplace, your practice cannot be a static entity. Keeping your organization as flexible and adaptable as possible makes weathering change more manageable. LPL provides the technology and resources required to enable your firm to stay nimble and advance beyond its current limitations so you can better address your business objectives and client expectations.

LPL can offer a diversity of quality solutions that can be customized to match your needs and streamline your operations. Our suite of productivity tools help reduce the amount of time spent on administrative tasks, tracking trades and requests, and generating reporting documents. That’s valuable time you can spend on activities that drive growth and your vision of independence.

Our single sign-on web portal gives you easy access to:

  • A range of nonproprietary investment products and plans
  • Objective research on investment products and market trends
  • Practice and portfolio management tools
  • Performance reporting
  • Comprehensive financial planning tools
  • Practice management

Cultivating Your Team

LPL’s strength does not lie solely with our reputation. When you want assistance finding the right individuals to help you achieve your vision of service and growth, our recruiting team is here with the know-how and connections for finding the right professionals to do so.

We can also help with developing your team with our unique learning resources to help them become more efficient at managing your business so you have more time to build your practice.

Business Consulting

As your needs and capacity to grow your enterprise change, LPL Financial’s experienced teams will be there to help you build the practice you envision.

Transitioning Your Business

Separate myth from reality and transition with confidence. Learn the truth about transitioning and get closer to making your move with confidence.

Your Recruiting Consultant

Our dedicated consultants have broad expertise in the financial services industry and are ready to help you redefine, change, and grow your firm.