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Focus on the 3 D's

Focusing on the three D’s — diversification, dividends, and discipline — can save you the daily stress of investment tracking and help you stay focused on your goals

I think, first off, that we can all benefit from a second opinion. Getting a second opinion from another advisor is always beneficial.

- Christopher Quinley

Diversification. Dividends. Discipline.

Christopher Quinley, CFP®, CIMA®, AAMS®, the co-founder of Liang & Quinley Wealth Management, says that one of his key tips for financial health is to invest using the three Ds: diversification, dividends, and discipline.


Portfolio diversification means mixing a variety of investments. Many financial professionals consider it one of the most important ways to help you minimize risk and reach your long-term financial goals.

Dividend investing provides a steady income stream from the distributions of a company’s earnings to its shareholders. It works well for investors looking for long-term growth and for individuals preparing for or living in retirements who have a lower risk tolerance.

Discipline refers to sticking to a long-term investing approach, and not getting caught up in daily market swings or hot new investments.

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That's a good question. I think, first off, we can all benefit from a second opinion. So if it's someone doing it themselves, or if they already have a person maybe, helping them out. You know, getting a second opinion from another advisor is always, I think, beneficial. Or like sort of a free checkup. I think that's good.

Another thing I'll say just in general with investing, is I talk about the three D’s. So, the first is diversification, spreading your money around different asset classes. That's a basic principle. Number two is dividends - a constant stream of income. I think that helps a lot with the performance returns over time. And, the third is discipline - not trying to time the market and really staying invested, riding out any market volatility. I think those three are core principles for investing, and then tailoring it to the client's situation after that.

That's the general feedback I would give.                         




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