How LPL Financial Secures Your Information

To protect your information and assets, LPL Financial employs extensive physical, technical, and procedural security controls at all of our facilities. We actively monitor and enforce compliance to our security policy and its related procedures. We regularly review, update, and modify our policies and procedures to respond to new threats and to adapt to changes in technology.

LPL Financial employees and financial professionals receive thorough training in our security policy and are held accountable for adhering to the policy. Employees who work directly with customers also receive training in other related risks, such as identity theft.

Although we cannot fully disclose all that we do to protect the personally identifiable information of our customers, here are just a few measures we take:

  • We employ strong authentication and password protocols.
  • We enforce inactivity timeouts on our computers.
  • We maintain and regularly test our firewalls.
  • We continuously update our anti-virus and anti-malware protection.
  • We employ threat monitoring/intrusion detection.
  • We utilize encryption to protect our customer and employee data.
  • We have mandatory training for employees, financial professionals, and managed representatives.
  • We have a comprehensive due diligence process for vendors we do business with