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Flexibility For More Ability

With more freedom and flexibility, financial advisors and institutions gain more ability to work smarter and thrive.

LPL Financial’s thought leadership series focuses on the flexible resources, support, and choices for navigating the evolving marketplace and client expectations. There have never been more ways and more freedom to create the business you want and provide clients more value.

Transcript: Flexibility Delivers Accessibility

Flexibility For Possibilities

How Top Performing Financial Advisors Run a Thriving Business

15 million plus

Acquire $15M+ in new client assets annually

twenty nine

Average 29 new clients per year

sevenhundred and ten thousand dollars

Manage $710k in average assets per new client

seventy percent

Spend 70% or more of their time on higher-value activities: client engagement & business development

sixty six thousand

Spend $66k a year on business development – about $2,100 per new client

four point five times

4.5 X more likely to be a top performer when invested in at least 2 LPL Business Services initiatives

High Performers Profile - compiled by LPL Financial Strategies & Research Team

Flexibility and Freedom

LPL financial advisors share how they customize our flexibility to create their authentic approach to delivering great financial advice.

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LPL financial advisors and leaders discuss how increasing capacity and efficiency can spark business growth.

Freedom to Choose Your Business Model

With a wealth of affiliation models, LPL offers financial professionals flexibility for how you partner with us and define your independence.

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LPL Business Solution’s Mike Kent and financial advisor Bob Chitrathorn discuss how high-performing financial advisors are leveraging LPL marketing resources to create customized digital marketing campaigns that help them better engage clients and prospects.

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In this episode of LPL Live, Samantha Davison connects you to LPL Research and Planning and Advice Services and how these team are evolving their offerings to deliver flexibility to financial advisors and institutions.

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More services. More choice. More value.

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LPL Research provides guidance and expertise for choosing investment solutions.

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Hey there. A quick internet search told me that there was one Swiss Army knife made with 87 different tools that could help someone accomplish an identified…141 different tasks and more than 12 thousand uses. That’s a lot of flexibility in your pocket.

As a financial advisor today, you need access to that kind of flexibility to help you manage all aspects of your client’s financial journey.

LPL’s strategy is pretty simple: financial advisors are the experts about what’s best for their clients. This means…  we must  build an evolving Swiss army knife of tools, resources and services - so that, no matter WHAT you need, or WHEN you need it, you can look to us for support and the solutions you need for your business.

Right now, you can choose from tools/services like:

  • Financial planning
  • Banking
  • Lending
  • Estate planning
  • Tax planning
  • And much more

Pick what you want, when you need it. That kind of flexibility translates into the freedom to build the business you want and take care of clients with what you know they need.

This thought leadership series highlights some of what LPL advisors have access to, but there’s so much more available or coming soon based on your feedback.

I’m hopeful that this series will provide you the insights on LPL capabilities to help you better serve your clients. 

We do aspire to be your Swiss army knife, so that you can drive your practice however you best see fit. Thank you for spending the time to learn a little bit more about how we can help you serve your clients. 

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