That's one of the things about the Ambassador Council. We're able to meet face to face, hear about these issues face to face, and work with each other face to face, and collaborate and strategize on how we can help others.

- Thomas Mitchell, CFP OneAZ Wealth Management

LPL Advisor Profile

Thomas E. Mitchell, CFP
- Senior Vice President, OneAZ Wealth Management located at OneAZ Credit Union
- 4 years with LPL
- Affiliation Model: Financial Institutions 

Advisors share the benefits

There is a very good reason Thomas Mitchell was named to the LPL Ambassador Council. He personifies its vision of deepening relationships with a diverse cross-section of dedicated financial professionals. When he joined, Mitchell saw the opportunity right away:

The Ambassador Council is a unique opportunity to be part of a network of financial professionals dedicated to sharing new ideas and advocating for the needs of financial advisors and their clients.”*

In this video, Mitchell shares more about the benefits of the Institution Services (IS) Ambassador Council, and how he and other wealth management professionals are working together to develop more strategies for serving their clients.

Thomas Mitchell: To be a good Program Leader, what I've learned is that nobody has a lock on all the good ideas, and it's all about collaboration and sharing. And that's one of the positives that I see with our Ambassador Council, and others that join in with us is that we do collaborate. We want to share. We all need to improve our programs and our advisors so that we can ultimately improve our clients' and our members' lives.

Thomas Mitchell: We always recognize we are only as strong as the people we bring into our organization that can help us and guide us and introduce us to where we need to go and new ideas and concepts. So that's one area that I think I'm focusing on and I see many of the other Program Leaders on our Ambassador's Council they are those open minded individuals, they're the ones that want to collaborate, strategize, and help each other look at things and see things that we don't see.

Thomas Mitchell: LPL is a growing organization. And that's exciting when you're with an organization that is as large as LPL. They have the resources and the capabilities to invest in new resources and expand them. So we're excited about that. But those resources are resources, the key is how do they connect? So, yes, you can have resources but you need to have that personal touch and help us implement some of these issues, and solve the issues that we need to address. So I would call that out as one of the big advantages of LPL.

Thomas Mitchell: This is what we all need. We're human nature and we need human contact and that's so, so important. And that's one of the things about the Ambassador Council. We're able to meet face to face, hear about these issues face to face, and work with each other face to face, and collaborate and strategize on how we can help others.

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