The evolution of LPL, the industry, and advisors

LPL Financial, the industry, and advisors have evolved immensely over the last decades, and that evolution helps inform where we’ll go next.

Our story. Together. LPL. Where we’ve come from. Where we are now. And where we’re going.

Sometimes it’s difficult to see the forest from the trees, and that’s why we’re giving you a birds-eye view with a four-part series that chronicles the most significant changes in our industry while showcasing the prominent role that we play.

This is about you. Us. An origin story, if you will.

No matter where and when you joined the financial services industry, ours is a collective journey. The destination remains the same — helping investors achieve their financial goals — yet the route has changed dramatically (and sometimes quickly) over the past several decades.

And through all that change, your adaptability, vision, and dedication to serving America’s investors are just some of the qualities that have made you a successful financial professional. Through market movements, regulatory changes, and evolving consumer expectations, you’ve turned challenges into opportunities and shown you can thrive in any environment.

You’ve accomplished that proactively, rethinking the way you run your practice, adopting new financial technology to reduce friction in your day, and embracing new ways to connect with clients and enhance your relationships.

In an effort to celebrate our history and your achievements while continuing to look ahead at what’s to come, we’ve put together this four-part series that chronicles the most significant changes in our industry and how they’ve led us to where we are today.

Combining an engaging mix of interactive multimedia content that will enhance your viewing experience, we’ll share insights on the what, where, and why that have come to define and explain our journey together. So come along for the journey.

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Part 1: The evolution of our industry

The financial services industry has changed a great deal over the past few decades — and probably equally as much in the past few years.

From the origination of the financial advisor profession to a shift from selling products to advice, you’ve found opportunities and adapted to the changes in the industry. Now the industry has moved to life holistic wealth management, and you’ve found ways to increase your value and deliver more for investors.

Through it all, at LPL, we continue to shape our business model and culture to meet the unique and evolving needs of financial advisors. 

Part 2: How advisors have evolved

Whether it was as a stock trader, broker, investment manager, financial advisor, trusted partner, or financial professional, one thing has remained constant as your career progressed: your commitment to helping your clients achieve their financial goals.

You have purpose – life experience that makes you uniquely suited to be a financial advisor.

You’ve adapted your role throughout your career to best serve your clients.

You’re building a business – bringing together a team to best serve your clients.

While LPL continues to evolve and adapt to industry changes, so too have we adapted to your changes, making sure that we’re positioned to help you address your challenges and opportunities and support you at every stage of your journey.

Part 3: From the founding of LPL to the number one independent broker dealer

Designed as an alternative to traditional Wall Street firms just after the stock market crash of 1987, in 1989 LPL was founded with a goal of helping financial professionals build successful businesses that served their clients’ best interests. This commitment to fiduciary objectivity helped distinguish us and advance our success.

“Ours is a better way to do business, as we focus on simplifying life for our employees and financial professionals,” LPL Chairman of the Board Jim Putnam said.

We’ve had a visionary mindset since day one, adapting to changing industry and needs of advisors and their clients. We’ve built innovative solutions in investment platforms, technology, and service. We’ve grown to serve more advisors and provide us the scale and capital to invest, all while remaining a community with an ultimate commitment to take care of you.

Part 4: What’s next?

Our journey may be 30 years in the making, but we’re not done yet. We continually ask ourselves: What’s next? Where do we see the industry—and ourselves—in 10 years? We’re looking forward to the opportunity so we can better serve you and prepare you for what’s next – maintaining our north-star, the advisor-centered model.

Ready for a sneak peek? Check out this video clip from our series.