LPL Research has a deep bench of experts available to help you help your clients make their next investment decision. They sit side by side with you, delivering independent investment advice, and serving as an extension of your team. LPL has continued to add to this experienced team in recent months, further expanding the expertise and resources available to you and your clients.

Get to know three of the newest team members and better understand their backgrounds, experience, and perspective on the economy.

Dr. Quincy Krosby:

When I came to Wall Street I started on a trading floor and my mentors were tough. There was no equivocating. Maybe this, maybe that you had to give them definitive, definitive ideas that they could act upon and do it very, very quickly. It was terrifying. But what it did though was it helped me look at markets in a different way.

Adam Turnquist:

I would say follow the trendlines, not necessarily the headlines. It does help you stick with the trend, and whether that's up or down, it's really paramount to performance and also a simple way to keep you disciplined and manage risk.

Garrett Fish:

What I want people to really know about LPL Research is that we are here for you, the advisor. We are here to help you help your clients achieve their financial objectives.

Dr. Quincy Krosby:

At LPL, what I love about it is the independence of the LPL advisor, what LPL offers them. You don't get that at many firms.

Garrett Fish:

I came to LPL because, number one, the growth of the industry. Number two, the growth of LPL. Number three, the Research team. All the people that I met within the Research team have been fantastic and I'm just excited, really excited to be here.

Adam Turnquist:

The team is a very deep bench in terms of expertise and experience, and I think it's very, very clear that we're all working toward one goal, and that's servicing the advisors and our clients here at LPL.

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