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Now it's Quincy Krosby, chief global strategist for LPL Financial.

Dr. Quincy Krosby:
They start talking about move from five and a half terminal to say six. The market's not going to be very pleased with that.

Jeff Buchbinder:
And if you look at this chart, you know, 1% on the equity risk premium is, I mean, we haven't been down there in close to 20 years.

Dr. Jeffrey J. Roach:
I'm here in the UK, where the Bank of England is top of mind here.

Dr. Quincy Krosby:
What's changed is the resilience of the company.

Your words are perfect as always, Quincy.

Jeff Buchbinder:
Thank you to all of our listeners and viewers.

Marc Zabicki:
Thanks for listening, and as always, allocate wisely.

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Video Tracking # 1-05375997
Exp. 07/2025

LPL Research team

lpl research expert Marc Zabicki headshot image

Marc Zabicki, CFA
Chief Investment Officer & Director of Research

Responsible for: Leading the LPL Research team
Years of industry experience: 30+
Fun fact: Marc enjoys road cycling in his spare time, and he once lined up next to Deion Sanders in a 100-meter dash

lpl research expert Dr. Quincy Krosby headshot image

Dr. Quincy Krosby
Chief Global Strategist

Responsible for: Providing a perspective on global capital markets
Years of industry experience: 27+
Fun fact: Quincy once served as a U.S. diplomat and the Assistant Secretary of Commerce

lpl research expert Dr. Jeffrey Roach headshot image

Dr. Jeffrey Roach
Chief Economist

Responsible for: Relating economic conditions with financial market outcomes
Years of industry experience: 18+
Fun fact: Jeff received a visiting research appointment at Harvard, and he’s sung and played trumpet in Notre Dame in Paris

lpl research expert Jeffrey Buchbinder headshot image

Jeffrey Buchbinder, CFA
Chief Equity Strategist

Responsible for: Developing and articulating equity strategy views
Years of industry experience: 24+
Fun fact: Jeff is the longest-tenured member of the LPL Research team, and he went to high school with comedian Rob Riggle

lpl research expert Lawrence Gillum headshot image

Lawrence Gillum, CFA
Chief Fixed Income Strategist

Responsible for: Guiding fixed income strategy within the firm’s discretionary model portfolios
Years of industry experience: 24+
Fun fact: Lawrence is a big fan of Tampa Bay sports teams, good bourbon, and BBQ

lpl research expert Adam Turnquist headshot image

Adam Turnquist
Chief Technical Strategist

Responsible for: Leading LPL’s technical analysis of global capital markets
Years of industry experience: 15+
Fun fact: Adam took a winter off from college in the Midwest to live in the U.S. Virgin Islands

lpl research expert Jina Yoon headshot image

Jina Yoon, CFA
Chief Alternative Investment Strategist

Responsible for: Providing strategic view on alternative investments
Years of industry experience: 15+
Fun fact: Jina loves spicy foods and collects all kinds of hot sauce

lpl research expert Garrett Fish headshot image

Garrett Fish, CFA
Head of Model Portfolio Management

Responsible for: LPL’s investment management process
Years of industry experience: 30+
Fun fact: Garrett has stepped foot in North Korea, and he makes his own maple syrup

lpl research expert Kristian Kerr headshot image

Kristian Kerr
Head of Macro Strategy

Responsible for: Leading the Strategic and Tactical Asset Allocation Committee and developing the LPL overall house investment view
Years of industry experience: 24+
Fun fact: Kristian likes to play in hickory golf tournaments, meaning the equipment must have been made prior to 1930

lpl research expert Jason Hoody headshot image

Jason Hoody, CFA
Head of Investment Manager Analysis

Responsible for: Leading the research efforts on third-party investment manager analysis
Years of industry experience: 22+
Fun fact: Jason is an avid runner, hiker, and aspiring film critic

lpl research expert Thomas Shipp headshot image

Thomas Shipp, CFA
Quantitative Equity Analyst

Responsible for: Leading the quantitative research team and focused on factor-based equity analysis
Years of industry experience: 14+
Fun fact: Tom is an avid fan of rock music, and he’ll rarely say no to a concert

lpl research expert Craig Brown headshot image

Craig Brown
Quantitative Strategist

Responsible for: Developing systematic multi-asset allocation models and data-driven processes to inform investment decision-making
Years of industry experience: 6+
Fun fact: Before joining the industry, Craig held a top-secret security clearance and monitored wholesale electricity markets

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