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Want to Win High-Net-Worth Clients? It’s Not Complicated: ‘Stick to Your Process,' says Gulf Point Advisors

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The financial advisors with Gulf Point Advisors have more than 130 years of combined experience supporting high-net-worth (HNW) clientele, yet only two years doing so with LPL Financial. Chris Kenny, a partner with the New Orleans-based firm, shared why the move to LPL’s independent model has been an important milestone for the firm, what it means to now be a business owner and his secrets to winning HNW clients.

Listed here are three of the firm’s top tips in advising HNW clients. You can hear more about how they have successfully built a thriving business built on HNW clients by listening to the full podcast.

  • Choosing independence: “The biggest reason we decided to go independent was to provide flexibility to our clients,” said Chris Kenny. “We understand our local client base very well and I feel like now we are able to simplify things and offer more holistic advice to our clients because we are empowered to manage our own portfolios and make the decisions within our firm.”
  • Advice from one business owner to another: “We’re now business owners and our clients are typically business owners,” he said. “It’s been interesting to transition from being a W-2 employee to a business owner and dealing with many of the same things that our clients have to deal with. It’s not something I expected, but it’s something that’s been an interesting part of the transition to independence”.
  • Know Your Value: “Don't ever assume that because somebody is wealthy, they are financially sophisticated. I think it's really important to go through your process—whatever your process is that you built at your firm. I don't think you treat anybody any differently whether they have $100,000 or $100,000,000. Stick to your process; it's what makes you unique as an advisor."

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