LPL Financial’s Commitment During COVID-19

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Last Updated: March 19, 2020

LPL Financial announces extended service hours amid covid-19 pandemic

We know that the volatility in the market and the spread of COVID-19 have created an atmosphere of uncertainty. For more than 30 years LPL has focused on providing the service and support our financial professionals and their clients need and we will continue to do so in these unsettling times.

How we're protecting our financial professionals

  • Created a dedicated Emergency Response Team that manages all risks to our business continuity, including public health issues. The team meets daily about COVID-19, and is in continuous contact with members of the Center for Disease Control (CDC).
  • Extended our Service hours to accommodate our financial professionals’ dynamic schedules
  • Implemented a strong Business Continuity plan that allowed us to:
    • Transfer work from one office location to another
    • Add remote work protocols, and, as a result, more than 93% of our corporate employees are now working remotely
  • Contacted our critical vendors to ensure they implemented preparation contingencies
  • Cancelled or rescheduled three client conferences planned for March and April
  • Created and continue to update market commentary, end investor communication, and other content from our Research Team for unique perspective and insights on market volatility

How we’re protecting our employees

  • We’ve implemented a work from home policy and approximately 93% of our corporate employees are now working remotely.
  • Introduced additional hygiene measures in our corporate offices, including more frequent and deeper cleanings and multiple hand sanitation stations
  • Altered our workspaces to ensure social distancing
  • Restricted access to our office locations for all visitors
  • Discontinued all business travel and implemented new guidance for our employees around all personal travel, including mandatory 14-day self-quarantining in certain instances

Resources for COVID-19 information