LPL’s Carolinas Campus Recognized as Top Office Development in the Charlotte Region

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Last Updated: October 31, 2017

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“We are honored to be recognized for our investment in a campus designed to contribute to the sustainability of our environment, well-being of employees and the region’s economic development,” said Sallie Larsen, LPL managing director and Chief Human Capital Officer. “We created an extraordinary workplace that is intended to enhance the lives of our growing employee workforce and engage employees to provide exceptional service to our clients. We are thrilled that since we moved in one year ago, our campus has become a source of pride for LPL, our employees and the community.”

Award highlights include:

  • Sustainable design: LPL’s campus was designed to reflect LPL’s commitment to sustainability, leveraging technology and materials that minimize impact to the environment. The building’s design features an open floor plate, which positions stairwells and elevators on the exterior of the building creating clear sights lines to the outdoors for employees and provides for a tremendous amount of natural light. The campus also leveraged net zero design strategies that contribute to rainwater collection and the prevention of storm water runoff, in order to provide sufficient recycled water sources to supply cooling systems, irrigation and flush fixtures.
  • Employee-centric design: LPL’s campus includes a cafeteria, fitness center, health clinic, walking trails, sports courts, choice rooms that are adaptable workspaces, sit to stand desks and plenty of natural light. The building is also located within Kingsley Town Center, which provides employees with dining and retail options within walking distance.
  • Regional Economic development: LPL currently employs over 3,500 employees with more than 1,800 employees based in the Carolinas. Since moving to the campus in October 2016, the firm has hired 950 employees in the Carolinas. In addition, the firm currently has several hundred open positions across the firm.