Certified Kingdom Advisors

LPL Financial Approves CKA® Designation for Advisors who Integrate Christian Values in their Client Service

LPL Financial

LPL Financial is proud to become one of the first financial services firms to approve the Certified Kingdom Advisor® (CKA®) designation to help Christian clients identify financial professionals who share their core values.

Kingdom Advisors is a professional membership community that specializes in serving Christians. The CKA® designation sets advisors apart as financial professionals who have been trained to integrate faith with work at a highly credentialed level. Advisors certified by Kingdom Advisors are able to use CKA® in their title, on their website and in marketing efforts.

“This is a wonderful example of our firm’s support of diverse and inclusive practices for our advisors to be able to differentiate themselves with clients,” said Don Williams, LPL Business Consulting, who is the corporate liaison with Kingdom Advisors. “When an advisor is equipped to align financial advice with a client’s personal values, this not only impacts the client positively, but also creates a more meaningful advisor-client relationship.”

The CKA® designation has been added to the approved/accommodation list for all LPL advisors, except those located in Oregon. Advisors certified by Kingdom Advisors share a commitment to incorporate biblical principles in the advice they give to Christian clients.

Additionally, LPL’s Kingdom Advisors Support Group helps equip advisors with the training, tools and community they need to maximize their effectiveness in this market segment. The Support Group offers the following ways to connect:

  • Quarterly Inspiration Call with leaders in the industry of Christian financial advice.
  • Bi-Monthly LPL-KA Virtual Study Group to connect advisors with peers to promote business growth and best practices.
  • LinkedIn Group Page to share ideas, stay connected and be spiritually inspired.
  • Kingdom Advisor LPL microsite is a central online hub for the group featuring events, marketing content and more.

For more information about LPL’s Certified Kingdom Advisor® designation, LPL advisors can email [email protected]. For additional details on Kingdom Advisors, visit https://kingdomadvisors.com/.

Kingdom Advisors and LPL Financial are separate entities.