LPL Advisors Discuss How Diversity Helps Drive Growth

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Last Updated: July 31, 2018

LPL Diversity Panel

Albert Cavazos of AC Financial/FalconVest Financial said it’s important to understand the culture and unique differences of each client. “Typically in the Hispanic community, you don’t see many multi-generations of wealth,” said Cavazos, who serves a client base that is about 60 percent Hispanic. “They need trust, and they may require a little more face-to-face time. But once you win the trust, they’ll be extremely loyal.”

Laila Pence of Pence Wealth Management has built a diverse firm, with eight languages spoken among the approximately 30 employees. “When a Chinese client is coming into the office, I have a Chinese advisor who meets with them. Having someone who knows those values and can speak their language allows us to attract more clients like themselves,” Pence said.

“There’s such value for our advisors to hear directly from others advisors who are keenly aware of the need for diverse and inclusive practices as a business priority,” said Lauren Taylor, LPL assistant vice president, Diversity and Inclusion advisor programming. They can hear how others approached this in their business and see the outcomes, including a more engaged team and an enhanced ability to attract and retain clients.”

Other LPL advisors featured on the panel included Cal Elam, EFinancial Advisors; Laura LaTourette, North Georgia Wealth Management Group; Barbara Ginty, Independent Financial Services; and Sandra Cho, Point Wealth Capital Management.

Cho was a Navy reservist and has traveled to more than 40 countries throughout her life. She has been able to meet people from many different cultures. She said the ability to understand a client’s unique background is important to being able to serve their needs. But she also pointed to a commonality in the approach she takes with clients. “The most important client conversations aren’t about money, they’re about the client’s passions and goals,” said Cho.

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