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LPL Advisor Shares Technology Insights

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LPL advisor Dawn Marie Corneau of Corneau Wealth Management in Beverly, Mass., discusses how LPL’s integrated technology platform has delivered value to her practice.

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In the current regulatory environment, advisors are increasingly seeking ways to maximize their time and resources and deliver more value for the services they provide. Technology becomes an important component to their business.

Corneau, a 27-year veteran of the financial services industry, shares with LPL Senior Business Consultant Gina Ciampolillo ways she has leveraged LPL’s integrated technology offering to increase efficiency in her business operations and enhance the service experience for her clients.

“Technology is ever changing. And I think the advisor needs to stay on top of technology because it can make our business time efficient, it can give life balance to the advisor and I think it really helps out the clients, bottom line.”


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