Plan for the Year Ahead: Make your Financial Practice a Priority

Plan for the Year Ahead: Make your Financial Practice a Priority

Learn how to put a plan in place to market your financial practice in the new year. Read this step by step guide to make marketing your practice a priority.

Feedback and reflection are both key to make sure you remain aware of what you’ve achieved and what more you can achieve.

- Katie Maxwell

With a new year comes new resolutions and the opportunity to refocus on what makes the most sense for your practice. As a business owner, you’re often juggling many tasks and wearing many hats, and marketing may not always be your top priority. This year, we thought it would help to start talking about the New Year in October, to give you enough time to fully prepare.

When it comes to assessing growth year over year, feedback and reflection are both key to make sure you continue to remain aware of what you’ve achieved and what more you can achieve. You can evaluate your business by yourself or with a team member, but try to be as honest about your results as possible.

Here are a few key elements you’ll want to begin thinking about and working through this fall.

Take time to reflect

To fully understand what changes you’re going to make in the New Year, first evaluate what was successful and worked well last year. Make note of this, as you’ll want to continue incorporating those ideas or tactics again.

Additionally, note any challenges you may have faced and how you could have handled them differently. For example, stick to your plan for activities amid juggling other responsibilities. Lastly, consider how you will make creating and following through with a marketing strategy a priority for your business in 2020.

Consider available resources

LPL offers preapproved, customizable, and turnkey marketing solutions at no additional cost to you. Whether you’re interested in traditional print marketing collateral, sending automated email drip campaigns, or posting relevant and engaging content on social media, we have you covered and are more than happy to work with you on how to use each of these tools.

Think about your budget

Consider making an investment in yourself. Maybe you want to work with a third-party content creator that has an associated cost, or you’d like to begin experimenting with boosting social media posts or putting money toward paid ads.

Maybe you want to bring someone into the office or work with our LPL Marketing Solutions experts to have the digital strategy done for you. Either way, planning on and allocating a specific amount of money to marketing your practice is smart and can have a significant impact on your business.

Enlist an expert

You don’t have to go it alone when it comes to your strategy. Our Marketing Consulting team is here to educate, encourage, and empower you, and we’ll help to keep you honest over the next year.

Whether you’re someone who prefers to speak with our seasoned team of consultants once a quarter or every 30 days, we’re your business partners, here to help walk you through taking your practice to the next level.


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