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Make Video Work for Your Practice

Taylor Wilson

Video is quickly becoming one of the easiest ways to reach any target market. Read below on how to get started and the resources you need to kick start your video marketing.

One of the benefits of content creation is the opportunity to build relationships at scale, an important part of a service-oriented business.

- Taylor Wilson

We’ve all heard time and again that video is the best and most engaging type of content we can use to market our business, but how do we take advantage of the tool? If you’re still on the fence about video, I highly recommend reviewing these key statistics about video marketing from Wyzowl before continuing to read.

Now, how should you begin to use video as a part of your marketing strategy? Luckily, it’s extremely easy to get started, and the main tool for the job is probably in your pocket or in your hand this very second — your phone!

1.    Using your smartphone's camera

If you have a smartphone made within in the last four years, your built-in camera is more capable than any mainstream consumer digital camera made before 2013. Having this kind of technology at your fingertips every waking moment opens up the doors for loads of content opportunities. Modern smartphones typically include features like:

  • Time-lapse
  • Slow-motion
  • Night and low-light photography
  • 4k ultra high-definition video
  • Video stabilization

If you’d like to boost the potential of your phone even further, consider getting a lapel microphone for better audio or a ring light with stand for higher production quality. Pro Tip: Although your smartphone is all the equipment you need to get started, there might come a time when you consider upgrading to a more professional camera. There are plenty of affordable options available, such as the GoPro Hero8 Black. More on that topic will be explored in a later blog.

2.    Choosing your subject

Now that the technology is covered, let’s talk content. When it comes to digital marketing, CONTENT IS KING. Find areas of opportunity to provide value for your clients and prospects. Have you been getting questions about market volatility, taxes, or another topic lately? Put together a short 1-2 page script that clearly and concisely discusses the subject.

When it comes to script length, a good rule of thumb is one page of text equates to one minute of video. A great resource for pre-made video scripts is the Video Scripts and Articles sections of Marketing On Demand, which LPL advisors and registered staff can access through the Resource Center.

Not only does educational content provide an easy way to break into video marketing, it also provides extra value to your clients, and helps to build your name as a thought leader in the financial space.

3.    Sprinkle in personal content

One of the benefits of content creation is the opportunity to build relationships at scale, an important part of a service-oriented business. Mixing in some more personal content is a fantastic way to humanize your practice, and it helps potential clients get to know you before they ever walk in the door. Content like this can include a time lapse of snow falling around your building, a vlog-style video on your favorite hiking trail, or a food review at a new restaurant in town.

Have fun with it so that your passions and interests outside of the business can show through. Personal content will certainly make you and your business more relatable, while potentially leading to new business in a niche that you never knew existed.   

Clearly, there’s a lot you can do with video, and the tools for the job have never been more accessible. It just comes down to setting aside the time and figuring out what you want to talk about or show your audience. Start by blocking off an hour on your calendar. Once you’ve done that, all that’s left to do is find a quiet room, lean your phone against a few copies of those Peter Lynch books you have, and press record.

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