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Introduction to Vlogging for Financial Advisors

Enhance your marketing strategy and increase brand recognition by starting a vlog. Learn how this technique can help grow your audience and reach new prospects.

Vlogging allows you to separate yourself as a thought leader by offering your expertise through a unique perspective.

- Katie Maxwell

Incorporating a vlog into your video marketing strategy can be a beneficial way to enhance brand recognition and increase visibility.

Vlogging allows you to separate yourself as a thought leader by offering your expertise through a unique perspective. Vlogs today can be educational, informational, or simply focus on a lifestyle topic of your choosing.

So what is a vlog exactly? Vlog stands for “video blog” and is exactly that. Instead of written content in a blog format, you’ll speak directly into the camera, recording your thoughts in a video format.

Vlogging styles

There are two main styles. The first is known as “talking head” where you set up the camera and record yourself in a stationary position, using say, a tabletop tripod. The other format is a walking and talking style, commonly known as the “follow me around” format. Here, you take the camera around with you, and film clips as you go about your day or specific task. For this style, I recommend using a selfie stick.

Benefits of Vlogging

The main goal is to grow your audience and reach new prospects. If you’re already blogging today, a vlog may help you present your material in a fresh format and capture a new audience. Keep in mind, clients and prospects often like to consume content in different ways. Did you know, around five billion YouTube videos are viewed per day? For that reason, branching out to capture those consumers who prefer to watch content versus read it, could be very beneficial.

Getting Started

Vlogging can be fun and simple! If you’re going with the talking head option, you can use a table top tripod. Or, maybe you’re more interested in the “follow me” style instead. If that’s the case, you can snag one of these selfie sticks from Amazon.

Can’t decide today? Try this Joby TelePod Mobile that combines both tripod and selfie stick into one. Each of these tools are perfect for shooting video on your cellphone or using an action camera.

Vlogging Best Practices

Here are a few things to keep in mind when getting started:

  • Be relatable and personable. Current and prospective accounts want to work with financial advisors who are authentically themselves. This means content should be natural. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through.
  • Keep it short and simple: Keep in mind that the majority of vlog viewers prefer to consume content that is short and concise. Try to keep total video length under three minutes.
  • Audio makes a difference: For the best possible sound quality, avoid wind and outside noises as they can be distracting. Most importantly, speak up and annunciate.

Pro tip: Use (a free teleprompter service) as a helpful tool to get started, and don’t forget: we have free, pre-approved video scripts available in Marketing on Demand.

How to Use Your Vlog Content

Once you have a vlog, you might start thinking about how you will use the content. Vlogs can be placed on your website, emailed out to a select group of clients, posted to your social media handles, or uploaded to a YouTube channel.

If you’d like additional help with your vlog strategy and are ready to get started today, contact our Marketing Consulting team at 800-877-7210 X6700 or [email protected].

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