Financial Advisor Website Scorecard: Is It Time for an Update?

Last Edited by: Sarah LeBlanc, Assistant Vice President, Marketing, LPL Financial

Last Updated: April 30, 2019

It may be time to update your website

As a financial advisor, your firm’s website should be the centerpiece of your entire marketing and communication strategy with all roads pointing back to it—email signature, business cards, voicemail greeting, print ads, etc. It’s also where prospective clients will go to research you before contacting your office. In a business that relies heavily on referrals, that means your website is a critically important part of the conversion process.

So, how does your website stack up? Could it be time for an upgrade?

Complete this scorecard to assess if your website needs work. Select your answers, and add up your score at the end to see where you stand.

1.     How many years has it been since you last updated your website?

        ❑  Give yourself one point for every year ______________

2.     Do you look at your own website regularly and review its content to ensure it’s up to date?

        ❑  Yes – 0 points
        ❑  No – 1 point 

3.     How well does your homepage reflect your value proposition?

        ❑  Very clearly – 0 points
        ❑  Probably needs some work – 1 point
        ❑  Not sure – 2 points
        ❑  My homepage doesn’t reflect my value proposition at all – 3 points

4.     How does it display on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets)?

        ❑  My website uses responsive design and is optimized for mobile – 0 points
        ❑  It looks okay, but not optimal – 1 point
        ❑  I don’t know – 3 points
        ❑  I don’t think this matters – 5 points

5.     Does it tell your visitors what you want them to do on your site?

        ❑  Yes, visitors see clear calls-to-action to direct them through the site – 0 points
        ❑  No, I could use some work on this – 1 point

6.     Does your team page include recent photos and bios of all team members?

        ❑  Yes – 0 points
        ❑  Sort of (some people or information is missing) – 2 points
        ❑  No – 4 points

7.     Does your website feature unique content in the form of blog posts, videos, or podcasts?

        ❑  Yes, lots – 0 points
        ❑  Yes, some – 1 point
        ❑  No, none – 3 points

Assess Your Results

Add up the total points from each question, and see below for assessment and recommendations.

0 – 7 Points
High five! Your website’s in great shape. Just remember to continuously keep it up-to-date, add fresh content, and watch for new trends you may want to incorporate.

8-14 Points
You probably need to review your website and make some adjustments. Look at which questions you scored the highest on, and make those areas your starting point. Contact your website vendor to discuss your options and a plan of action.

15 Points or higher
Make it a priority to update your website. Contact your website host to discuss your options and take action to transform your website into an ideal reflection of your brand and value proposition.

Before getting started with a website update, LPL advisors can contact the Marketing Solutions Center to schedule a consultation, get tailored recommendations, and see examples to help set you on the right path.


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