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Seven Social Media Tools That Promote Efficiency

To create a meaningful social media presence you must have a strategic approach. Read on about various tools to engage your audience across all social platforms.

Remaining consistent, providing value, and having fun with social media helps you engage your clients and build more durable relationships with them.

- Suzy Reyes

With their staggering number of active users — 2.8 billion monthly on Facebook and 192 million daily on Twitter (Twitter) — social media, when used effectively, can be a powerful business tool. Moreover, with American adults expected to spend more than four hours daily on their mobile devices this year — nearly 20% of their waking hours — meeting them in this digital sphere on their favorite social media platform is an important part of any marketing strategy.

Social media tools and tips financial advisors can use

Creating a meaningful social media presence requires a strategic approach. Below are some tools and tips to help you stay efficient and effective online:

  1. Social Patrol: LPL’s approved social platforms include LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Once you set up your company’s pages (for any or all platforms), the first tool you’ll want to sign up for is Social Patrol. This social media tool makes posting on social media in real-time easy, by automatically scanning your posts for compliance. The tool also allows you to utilize Facebook Live and post real-time video. If Social Patrol flags any material as being non-compliant, Supervision will contact you and request an adjustment. If you fail to make a timely change to the post, Compliance will remove it.
  2. Social Media Content Library: The next tool to help you stay efficient on social media is our Social Media Content Library powered by Gainfully. This resource houses shareable content covering a multitude of financial topics and tips, market research and data from the LPL Research team, and sponsored content from companies like Blackrock and AIG. You can use the tool to automatically schedule the sharing of content on your social media pages, an efficient way to create consistent social media touchpoints with your clients.
  3. LPL Marketing Content Calendar: This tool complements the Social Media Content Library and includes timely touchpoints and topics that you can incorporate into your social media strategy. Located in the ClientWorks Resource Center, the calendar includes 443 ideas and 20 social media hashtags — everything necessary to deliver robust social media content. The calendar helps you discover engaging touchpoints you can make with your clients, too. For example, you could share tips on student loans in September for College Savings Month or share tactics on becoming financially literate during Financial Literacy Month in April.  
  4. Social Media Workbook: This is a great starting point if you’re new to social media. Located in the ClientWorks Resource Center, the workbook walks you through getting started on Social Media, providing social media examples, LinkedIn profile best practices and prospecting tips, content creation tips, and even video marketing best practices.
  5. Stock Photos: If you’re creating original content, compelling imagery can help bring your content to life. There are several sites that offer royalty-free images, including iStockPhoto, Pexels, Unsplash, and Shutterstock. You can also use a free design template website like Canva.com to create fun social graphics. Any outside content is acceptable to use as long as it is posted on a social site monitored by Social Patrol and adheres to the guidelines presented in the Advisor Compliance Manual found on the Resource Center.
  6. Hootsuite: Hootsuite is a great social scheduling tool where you can schedule content that’s hosted outside of the Social Media Content Library. The site’s limited free plan allows you to create 5 scheduled messages if you integrate up to two social profiles. If you’d like to take advantage of Hootsuite’s premium features and benefits, consider upgrading your account to a paid plan. For more information, visit www.hootsuite.com
  7. Hashtags: Using hashtags is a great way to make your content inspirational and valuable. Consider leveraging trending hashtags or creating your own, such as #TipTuesday or #MoneyMonday (these are popular hashtags found in our Marketing Content Calendar). This strategy will create a memorable touchpoint for your followers while helping other social media users find your page more easily, read your posts, and consider your professional recommendations. We hope that you’ll find efficiencies with these tools and remember: Remaining consistent, providing value, and having fun with social media helps you engage your clients and build more durable relationships with them. 

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Consult your compliance department for information about the rules and use of social media and the review of any and all advisor marketing materials.


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