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6 Types of Video That You Can Start Using Today

Taylor Wilson

Have you ever wondered what type of video you should use for your practice, and how to get started? Here we discuss six different types to explore.

Whether you’re looking to expand or you’re just getting started with video marketing, you should always be asking yourself “What style of video should I use in this situation?”

- Taylor Wilson

Whether you’re looking to expand or you’re just getting started with video marketing, you should always be asking yourself “What style of video should I use in this situation?” Variety is the spice of life, and a good video marketing strategy is spicy! Here are six different types of video that you can start using today.


Pick up a camera, hold it in your hand or on a stick, point it at yourself, and there you have selfie video. This format is one of the more personal styles, because here you are able to take your viewers with you while you walk and talk through a park, in town, on a hike etc. This has quickly become the most popular style of internet video over the last few years, and most of the biggest YouTube channels employ selfie or “vlog” style videos as their main format.

Talking Head

The “talking head” format is somewhat traditional, where you stand or sit in front of a camera and discuss a topic—not all that unlike what you see reporters doing on the nightly news. This a great format for discussing educational topics because it allows your audience to focus on you and your message, while not being distracted by the eccentricities of the other styles. This is also one of the easiest styles to get started with, and typically serves as a jumping off point for any video strategy. All you need is a camera and a quiet room.

Event Recap

Not everyone will be able to make it to your wine tasting or “Antiques Roadshow” night, but that doesn’t mean they can’t experience some of the fun. A short video highlighting the best parts of your event may not only show how personable or knowledgeable you are, but also could inspire some of those folks that didn’t attend to make it a priority the next time around. The next time you’re hosting or even attending an event, take a few video clips of the speaker, the food, people having a great time, etc. and post that video for the world to see. 


What’s the best way to turn an ordinarily mundane feature into an interesting piece of content? A time-lapse! A time-lapse is just a video of one spot over an extended period of time that has been sped up to take just a few seconds. Most cellphones and cameras already have time-lapse features built in, so you likely already have the capability to create a time-lapse, just in your pocket. Get out there and take a time-lapse of the traffic in front of your office, snow falling, even your drive to work!

Driving Style

Speaking of driving, there’s one style of video that falls into that “hidden in plain sight” category: Driving Style. Talking while driving can give your video a more intimate and informal feel that can be hard to achieve with the other styles. The camera will naturally be closer to you, thereby bringing your audience closer to you, and making the video feel more personal. A driving style video could be a market recap on your way home from work, discussing a financial topic on the way to lunch, or throw a subject matter expert in the passenger seat and have a discussion. All this style requires is an inexpensive mount (I prefer a suction cup mount) that can attach your phone/camera to the windshield or dashboard.


This may be the style that we’re all the most familiar with. Interview videos have been a staple on news channels and documentaries for decades, and for good reason. An interview style video allows you to bring in a subject matter expert or a local celebrity and discuss a topic that interests your clients. Talking with an expert is a great way to boost your credibility and show off your connections. Don’t forget to lean on your guest’s own following to increase the exposure of your brand! A good interview video requires clear audio, good lighting, and ideally individual cameras for each person. Learn more about this style on my Twitter feed or LinkedIn page.

Choosing the best video style really comes down to your personality and capabilities. Make it a goal to start with one type of video, and then as you become more comfortable with that style and video creation in general, start branching out. Remember to have fun with it!

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