6 Steps to a Killer LinkedIn Profile

6 Steps to a Killer LinkedIn Profile

Have you been wanting to polish your LinkedIn profile and aren’t sure where to start? Take your first step by applying these 6 simple tactics.

A strong LinkedIn profile helps prospects find you and understand what sets you apart from other financial advisors…

A strong LinkedIn profile helps prospects find you and understand what sets you apart from other financial advisors they might be researching. The key is to fill out each section with thought and purpose.

How to Create a Great LinkedIn Profile

Here are six steps to get you started with a killer profile:

1.    Customize your profile URL to make it easy to remember and more user-friendly when sharing.

To update this, click on the Me icon at the top of the LinkedIn homepage, choose Settings & Privacy from the drop down, and then click on “Edit public profile.” You’ll be able to customize your URL on the next screen.

2.     Choose a great profile photo and background image.

Put your best foot forward with a high-quality profile image (400 x 400 pixels recommended). A recent, professionally-shot photo is best. You should also customize your background image (1400 x 425 pixels recommended) with something that reinforces your brand and value proposition. For example, you could use photography from your local area, an image of your office building or other recognizable landmark, or choose a photo from your website for brand continuity.

3.    Write a strong headline.

The LinkedIn headline appears directly under your name, and typically includes your professional title and designations. It should be 120 characters or less, explaining your specialty. Here are a few examples:

  • CEO/Founder at DBA Wealth Management, Keynote Speaker and Author of Financial Strategies for Retirement
  • LPL Registered Principal at LPL Financial/CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM
  • President & Wealth Advisor at DBA Wealth Management

4.    Include relevant contact information.

Under “Contact info,” be sure to include your approved company website, email, and phone number. LPL advisors should also include links to www.sipc.org, and www.finra.org.

5.    Use your Summary section to show what sets you apart professionally.

The Summary section supports your professional objective, value proposition, and mission statement. Think of it like the cover letter to your resume, write in the first person, and use a conversational tone. Keep your audience in mind as you write, and consider including the following key points when writing a LinkedIn Summary

  • How long you’ve been in the business
  • Why you love being a financial advisor
  • Areas of expertise
  • Target markets you like working with

Putting it all together, here’s some sample text:

“With over 20 years of experience in financial services, I’ve discovered my true passion is helping business owners prepare for the retirement lifestyle they’ve dreamed about. As a business owner myself, and a former CPA, I understand there are complex needs when it comes to tax preparation and succession planning. It’s my goal to help my clients navigate all of this, manage their personal finances, and develop a rewarding succession plan for the company they’ve invested their lives building.”

6.    Include additional details in under Work Experience and Education.

If the Summary section is your cover letter, then Work Experience is your resume. Include more details about how you work, such as your process for working with clients, mission statement for your firm, and/or a list of your services. Complete the Education section to highlight your academic accomplishments.

Fill out all these sections with thought and purpose, and you’ll be a LinkedIn All Star in no time. All Star status helps elevate your visibility among LinkedIn users, thus raising brand awareness for you and your firm. LPL advisors can contact the Marketing Consulting team with questions or to schedule a one-on-one consultation.


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