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Two Tools to Help Financial Advisors Leverage Seasonal Marketing Opportunities

Seasonal Outreach is a great approach for you to reach out to your clients and promote different opportunities. Learn about the tools LPL recommends.

Seasonal outreach is an opportunity for financial advisors to reach out to their clients during specific points of the year

Seasonal outreach is an opportunity for financial professionals to reach out to their clients during specific points of the year—like Tax Day and 529 College Savings Day—making their connection both timely and intentional. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of seasonal outreach and how financial professionals can incorporate it into their 2022 plan. 

To get started, take a look at LPL Financials 2022 Marketing Content Calendar to learn about timely opportunities throughout the year. The Marketing Content Calendar can be a helpful tool if you’re not sure where to start with your marketing strategy, as it consists of outreach opportunities, financial industry opportunities, seasonal celebrations, and other fun days throughout the calendar year.

Seasonal outreach opportunities create a chance for you to share your expertise and make connections with clients and prospects. Learn how each of the three different marketing tools available to you—Marketing On Demand and our Social Media Content Calendar powered by Gainfully—can help you market yourself during the upcoming season.

Marketing On Demand

Marketing On Demand offers preapproved material that you can send to your clients via email or traditional mail, making it easy for you to reach out during these seasonal outreach opportunities. For example, if you are strictly looking for all material on tax preparation, or 529 plans, and college saving, look under the Wealth Management tab to find all preapproved client and prospect letters on those topics. This is a simple way to share material in an easy and timely manner.

Social Media Content Library

If you have access to ClientWorks, the Social Media Content Library is a good place to look for outreach material if you’re looking to share on social media channels including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. There is a section dedicated to seasonal outreach opportunities where you can find content appropriate for both clients and prospects. Posting about seasonal outreach opportunities via social media will increase awareness and help you promote yourself and your business to clients and prospects.

Questions and Consultations

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Consult your compliance department for information about the rules and use of social media and the review of all advisor marketing materials.


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