LPL Private Wealth Management: A New Choice for High-Net-Worth-Focused Advisors

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Last Updated: May 29, 2024

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LPL Private Wealth Management is a gateway to opportunity — for you and your high-net-worth clients.

In this article, Anna Howard, CFP®, SVP of LPL Private Wealth Management, discusses how HNW-focused advisors can benefit from LPL’s newest employee advisor affiliation model. 

If you are a high-net-worth (HNW) focused financial advisor looking to elevate your practice, I invite you to consider LPL Private Wealth Management. 

Tailored to the needs of HNW-focused advisors like you, LPL Private Wealth Management is an employee advisor affiliation model featuring a comprehensive array of services and support to enhance your client service delivery and business growth while upholding the tenets of independence. At the core of LPL Private Wealth Management is a deep understanding of the intricacies and subtleties inherent in HNW wealth management. That, paired with the stability and scale of a Fortune 500 company, provides you with the ideal platform to effectively help your HNW clients achieve their holistic financial goals and preserve their wealth for future generations.

LPL Private Wealth Management is a gateway to opportunity — for you and your clients. Here are three ways LPL Private Wealth Management can benefit your HNW practice:

Benefits of the Employee Advisor Affiliation Model

LPL Private Wealth Management is an employee advisor affiliation model that empowers financial advisors to thrive in today’s ever-changing financial landscape. This model offers a compelling blend of autonomy and support, allowing you to chart your own course and build your business as you see fit.

As an employee advisor, you have the freedom to make independent investment decisions, own your client book, and build deep relationships with your clients. This autonomy enables you to provide highly personalized services that address the unique needs and goals of your HNW clients, delivering an exceptional client experience.

LPL Private Wealth Management offers more than just freedom. We provide a comprehensive business and technology platform coupled with the service and support you need to help you grow your advisory practice. Our integrated technology platform is designed to help you manage your practice more efficiently and effectively while offering an unmatched client experience.

We also recognize the importance of effective marketing in attracting and retaining HNW clients. Through LPL Private Wealth Management, you have a dedicated marketing team that develops and executes targeted campaigns, using a multi-channel approach to maximize the visibility of your brand and services.

Access to HNW-Focused Resources for Advisors

LPL Private Wealth Management provides you with a wealth of resources and support tailored specifically to the sophisticated needs of HNW clients. These solutions include advanced estate and philanthropic planning, income tax strategies, trustee services, a robust alternative investments platform, banking and lending solutions, and complex life insurance planning. With these bespoke services, you can address the unique challenges faced by HNW clients, helping to preserve and grow their wealth.

LPL Private Wealth Management also offers a dedicated team of specialists who provide advisors like you with personalized support. These specialists have extensive experience working with HNW clients and are well-equipped to consult on complex financial matters such as advanced estate and tax planning and philanthropy. In addition, LPL Private Wealth Management offers access to a curated network of third-party resources such as attorneys, accountants, luxury travel and collectibles experts, healthcare advisors, and education consultants. 

Exclusive Advisor Community

We understand the importance of peer collaboration and ongoing education in helping advisors grow and thrive. That is why we have built an exclusive advisor community dedicated to HNW-focused advisors. This community provides a forum to connect and share ideas, best practices, and experiences.

Through regular workshops and networking events, you can engage in meaningful discussions, explore innovative strategies, and stay abreast of industry trends. These interactions not only enhance individual expertise but also foster a spirit of collaboration and mutual support within the broader LPL community. 

Contact us today to experience this exclusive advisor community and to explore the elevated solutions and robust capabilities of LPL’s Private Wealth Management. 

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