Running the Business for Independent Financial Advisors

AdvisorHub Magazine on how LPL’s Strategic Wealth Services Runs the Business for Indie Advisors

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Wirehouse advisors fantasize about owning a business without having to run it. AdvisorHub shares how LPL’s Strategic Wealth Services helps advisors enjoy the benefits of independence without the distractions of running a business.

We at LPL Financial have been proud of our new Strategic Wealth Services model and trying to explain how it makes the transition between wirehouse and independence seamless. In AdvisorHub magazine, advisor Brian Lynn tells his own story and experience with Strategic Wealth Services and he explains perfectly how it alleviated many of his fears.

Here’s an excerpt:

Lynn’s biggest reservation about going independent was the business side of the equation. “The idea of doing payroll or being a human resources person is not what I want to do with my life. I want to be a financial advisor,” he explained. Those fears were alleviated when the team learned about LPL’s Strategic Wealth Services model. Each firm within the Strategic Wealth Services model gets a dedicated team of experts who run the advisor’s business. The advisor is the owner and driver, and their Strategic Wealth Services practitioners function like a staff, handling logistics and working for the business.

“All of those business-centric things were scaring me,” Lynn said of back-office operations. Through Strategic Wealth Services, those functions are run on his behalf, and he and his partners are overseers. “It’s been very liberating to be able to work on the business in the way where we control everything and the details are handled for us.”

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