Follow these steps to pull in prospects

5 Ways to Pull in Prospects

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Just as the financial advice industry has evolved through technology and changing demographics, so has prospecting for clients. LPL Financial can support your efforts with technology, consulting, and content that will save you time and help communicate your value. Learn new methods that can make prospecting more effective and efficient.

Articulate what you will do on a regular basis for clients so they see the value in having you engaged in and overseeing their goals.

Prospecting for clients

Generating leads efficiently and effectively can be difficult to do on a consistent basis. However, by employing new approaches and tools, you can more productively reach the prospects who are best suited to your service offerings. Try some or all of these five ways to pull in prospects. Learn more by downloading From Prospect to Pipeline: Building Strong Relationships.

1. Have a process in place

Set goals for the number of new contacts you want to make each month or week, assign staff members with tasks to execute your strategy, and calendar time to assess the completion of tasks and goals. Make sure you have a repeatable process that includes a plan, a timeline, and record-keeping for following up with prospects. Be available when they reach out to you or respond to messages quickly. To help them understand how you can help them, have a well-thought-out answer to the question of why you became an advisor.

2. Capitalize on commonalities

As advisors’ practices move toward providing holistic financial planning, it’s more important than ever to establish a connection with clients in which they trust you, feel you understand their unique situation, and provide service tailored to help them reach their goals.

The first step is knowing who the ideal client is for your value proposition. Consider what you may have in common with them, and seek opportunities to connect with them where they are involved, such as activities, charities, civic and professional organizations, and community events.

But make sure your interests are sincere, since establishing trust is key to turning prospects into clients. Articulate what you will do on a regular basis for clients so they see the value in having you engaged in and overseeing their goals.

3. Communicate in a variety of channels

Investors today have access to investment information at their fingertips, but are likely to need guidance on how to apply that information to their unique circumstances. Regular tips, commentary, and other communications through email, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, your website, blogs, podcasts, videos, webinars, and seminars can help establish you as an expert and trusted guide. A partner firm can provide you with support, automation, and content that fits your service offerings to save you time.

4. Start with current clients

Make sure your current clients understand your value proposition so that they understand which friends and colleagues might be a good fit for your practice. Talk to them about the problems you solve, the guidance you give, the solutions you use, and the benefits you provide to help them pursue their needs and goals. Let them know specifically who you are looking for and what type of client you can best serve in terms of age, interests, retirement plans, and goals. Look on social media for people they are connected to that you think will be ideal clients, and ask for specific introductions.

5. Look to the next generation

Advisor-enhanced digital platforms can provide the hands-on client experience millennials seek while giving you a way to efficiently service clients with small accounts. Ask your clients if you can help them set their children on the path to thoughtful goal and retirement planning, budgeting, and planning for big-ticket items such as buying a house.

Look for other ways to expand your service offerings to appeal to younger investors, such as socially conscious solutions, communication channels such as virtual meetings, and other digital services.

For more on how to forge relationships with both clients and prospects, download our white paper, From Prospect to Pipeline: Building Strong Relationships.

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