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The LPL Service Model

Serving you, your staff, and your clients is the core of our cultural mission. That includes getting you the information you need quickly and efficiently; keeping policies and procedures as simple as possible; and offering technology that meets your needs, is easy to use, and helps you stay ahead of competitors.

Over 80% of all calls and inquiries are resolved on first contact.

What can we do for you?

With hundreds of specialists across the country available via phone or email, expert support for all of your operational and technical needs is readily accessible. Our service offerings are customized to support you in whatever you need and however you want to grow. 

Service Center  

The LPL Financial Service Center is your primary point of contact for all operational issues. The team strives to provide exceptional and timely service on all requests so you can remain focused on your business. Support is available for inquiries about advisory, brokerage, compliance, direct business, new accounts, retirement, and more.

Specialized service teams

These teams provide easy access to subject-matter experts who can assist with more complex issues. They have a more narrow scope of expertise in a number of key functional areas including cash management, new accounts, account transfers, direct business, compliance and registrations, managed accounts, and retirement services.

Technical Support

Get help on technology troubleshooting from our Technology Support Help Desk.

  • ClientWorks support and training
  • System complications
  • Computer and software compatibility
  • Data problems
  • Software installations
  • Online connectivity
  • Other system-related issues

An internal escalation process with increasing levels of technical support is here to help you address more complex issues.