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Advisor Financial Solutions

Whether you’re approaching retirement or have years to plan, LPL Financial’s multi-stage process can help you build your practice and realize its transferable value.

LPL Financial’s continuity, succession, and acquisition experts helped each of my three acquisitions proceed incredibly smoothly.

- Doug English, Carolina Retirement Specialists

Taking a proactive approach

Succession planning focuses on accounting for unexpected events and building a contingency plan in addition to a long-term retirement goal. Thoughtful planning can help you build a more valuable business while protecting client relationships, family, and staff.

LPL consultants work with you to create a smooth transition and help you realize the full value of your practice. Our support includes:

  • Guidance in carefully mapping out your succession plan and education on the types of agreements and contracts you need to have in place. These could include continuity plans, buy/sell contracts, partnership agreements, and operating agreements.
  • Providing sample agreements and checklists to prepare you for the transition.
  • Tips on how to engage with your CPA, legal team, senior advisors, and business partners.

Determining the value of your practice
When looking to sell your practice, its value features transferability and client retention potential alongside revenue streams. LPL consultants can help you consider all the variables, including:

  • Type of revenue streams
  • Client demographics
  • Tax consequences
  • Financial structure of the proposed transaction

Practice acquisition
When you’re ready to grow, LPL can help you identify and acquire another practice or book of business through our Advisor Financial Solutions team. Our Acquisition Loan Program offers financial solutions and practical guidance.


*Carolina Retirement Specialists and LPL Financial are separate entities.

A marketplace for your business

LPL Financial can partner with you in the valuation and sale of your business. Let us show you how!

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