Bank and Credit Union Programs

Bank and Credit Union Programs at LPL

At LPL Financial, we leverage our expertise to help banks and credit unions build, sustain, and enhance client relationships. Providing efficiencies as a self-clearing broker/dealer, enhanced advisory platforms, and sophisticated tools, we help institutions design effective investment programs and actionable strategies.

Fulfill the Potential of Your Investment Programs

LPL Financial is committed to helping banks and credit unions expand their current offerings and realize potential opportunities of their investment program. We offer assistance by providing efficiencies as a self-clearing broker/dealer with enhanced advisory platforms to attract knowledgeable and experienced advisors.

Our experienced team can offer banks and credit unions customized institution and program solutions. With LPL, institutions can quickly establish themselves as the financial hub of their communities and build strong client loyalty.

We also bring to the table our knowledge of the industry’s regulatory environment, which we use to support investment programs through multiple layers of risk mitigation. Banks and credit unions can directly benefit by leveraging our compliance resources so they can concentrate on building client relationships and growing their programs.

Grow and Strengthen the Investment Program

As a leading provider of investment program services, we work with banks and credit unions to navigate the regulatory environment, broaden offerings, and allocate resources more effectively. LPL's products, tools, and resources are designed to help banks and credit unions and are tailored to match their needs, goals, and objectives.

LPL can assist financial institutions to attract and retain quality advisors, increase household penetration, and strengthen cross-sell potential for other services. We walk through specific strategies of how they can diversify revenue income and create additional non-interest income revenue sources.

End-to-End Solution

LPL provides a comprehensive solution for your investment program with resources to compete and thrive in the marketplace.

Take advantage of the tools and resources we offer:

  • Program manager and advisor resources: Access business support and development resources plus in depth research, training, and technology.
  • Scope and scalability: Our technology provides your institution and advisors with competitive flexibility and adaptability.
  • Self-clearing and enhanced advisory platforms: Fast and efficient trading, combined with extensive product and service offerings, can engage and maintain investor accounts of all sizes.

Transitioning to LPL

A successful transition begins with in-depth planning, due diligence, and execution—and it doesn’t end with transferring clients and accounts. LPL’s diligent Business Transition Partners team provides your organization with a customized transition plan, comprehensive consultation, and support to streamline the process from your initial onboarding through your first several months with LPL:

  • A customized transition plan based on your needs and objectives 
  • Product and solution selection to map your book of business to LPL
  • Guidance and support during affiliation in preparation for license transfer
  • Simplified repapering focused on account opening and transfers
  • Comprehensive training to master LPL resources and technology
  • Compliant office set-up with tools for growth and efficiency

Consultation and Support

Your investment program is unique and complex, and your resources should match it. The extensive business analysis, decisive recommendations, and support from LPL are completely customizable to your program. Click here to learn more.

Empowering Advisors

With access to advanced platforms, technology, and operational processes, your institution’s advisors can take advantage of:

  • Training Tools: Whether it’s in person or on demand, advisors can put the knowledge gained from our professional training programs to immediate and productive use.
  • Investments: We offer access to an extensive array of investment products, strategies, and solutions to satisfy investor demands and deepen client relationships.
  • Research: LPL’s well-respected independent research sets the industry standard, with objective guidance advisors can confidently share with clients.
  • Service: Through a single point of contact, our service team prioritizes the needs of your institution so operational requests can be processed quickly and effectively.
  • Technology: Advisors can plug into our integrated, web-based technology platforms to manage critical aspects of their business while remaining highly efficient and responsive to client investment objectives.

Make the Connection

Explore all the opportunities aligning with LPL can bring. Our dedicated consultants have broad expertise in the financial services industry. We can help you redefine and grow your institution in entirely new and powerful ways.

White Papers & Insights

Review these white papers and case studies for strategies you can use to more effectively guide your clients and build your practice.

Institution Support

LPL’s experienced growth and efficiency consultants provide dedicated support to executives, program managers, and financial advisors at institutions.

Your Recruiting Consultant

Our dedicated consultants have broad expertise in the financial services industry and are ready to help you redefine and grow your program.

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