Margin Interest Rate Disclosure

margin interest rates chart

LPL Base Lending Rate is 8.5% as of July 27, 2023 and is subject to change without notice.

Interest Rate Disclosure:

Interest charged on credit extended in margin accounts will be charged interest at an annual rate (“Schedule Rate”) based on the following factors: (1) the LPL Base Lending Rate; and (2) a tiered schedule of premiums or discounts based on your account or group margin balance.  The Schedule Rate will change, without notice, based on changes in the LPL Base Lending Rate and account or group margin balance.  Your Schedule Rate will reflect changes in margin balance one to two business days after any changes in your account or group margin balance.  The LPL Base Lending Rate will be set with reference to commercially recognized interest rates, industry conditions relating to the extension of credit, and general market conditions.