Being extraordinary in the financial industry doesn’t develop from a one-size-fits all solution. It comes from passion, commitment, preparation, hard work, resilience, and the ability to view opportunities and obstacles through different lenses.

It comes from each of us. It comes from you.

We’re exploring what extraordinary means to you now—and could mean in the future. Discover how each of us can defne, build, and deliver extraordinary service and results.

In a post-pandemic world, what is the “new normal”—and how do you build an extraordinary business? Matt Enyedi, managing director of LPL Business Solutions, kicks off our thought leadership series by launching a journey of discovery to address some of the challenges ahead, and asking questions only you can answer. Please take a moment to reflect on—and share—your own journey of discovery.

MORE TO COME: Stay tuned for more videos—as well as blogs and podcasts—as advisors, LPL leaders, and industry experts share their insights.



How do you define extraordinary for yourself and your business?

The meaning of extraordinary is as unique as you are. What’s your passion? What motivates you?

What challenges do you face, and what solutions do you offer?

For some, extraordinary might be defined by numbers only, and for others it might be defined by client satisfaction, employee culture, day-to-day work experiences, overcoming challenges, creating a legacy, and more.

What does extraordinary mean to you?

What does extraordinary mean to you?

As we kick off this series, we look forward to hearing from advisors about how they define extraordinary, and what that has meant at different points in their lives.

“I would dream of a firm that put people's lives at the center of what we did and focused on financial planning—not just selling them things. And manage money in a way that really fits what they were trying to accomplish in a very synchronistic and systemized kind of manner—where I didn't have to sell them anything. So I did that very much with intention.”




How do you build extraordinary for yourself and your business?

Building extraordinary experiences and outcomes is easier said than done—which is why they are extraordinary. How do extraordinary leaders create the best outcomes for their clients—and attract new clients along the way? How do they optimize their own time and responsibilities, inspire and motivate their staff, and build a great team? Finding the right balance of answers to these (and other) questions is critical in the quest for extraordinary.

How do you build extraordinary?

How do you build extraordinary?

After hearing your definitions of extraordinary, we’ll explore how they can be turned into actions to build an extraordinary business.

“I'm not a teacher. I'm not a nurse. But I do educate and take care of people. I'm a financial advisor. That's what it's all about for me. It's about helping people make good decisions by educating them on their options, helping implement that plan, and then take care of the plan, so that it's there for them when they're going to need it.”




How do you deliver extraordinary for yourself and your business?

Defining and building your extraordinary business are the foundations for the third ingredient of any extraordinary business: delivery. Without the ability to deliver your extraordinary business, it may stagnate and crumble, becoming extraordinary for all the wrong reasons. At LPL, we’re committed to helping you deliver—and look forward to learning through this series how we can best support you and your extraordinary business.

How do you deliver extraordinary?

How do you deliver extraordinary?

Share your ideas on how to deliver extraordinary, and help us discover new ways to fulfill our mission to take care of you—our advisors—so you can take care of your clients.

“I'll give you the short version of our value proposition, which is simply stated, ‘Live well, do good.’ It’s something that we really pride ourselves in, in helping our clients live well, but also be able to do good for themselves and the world at the same time. Even if it's not financially related.”


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