In February, LPL Business Solutions (LBS) surveyed our financial advisors about this year’s business goals, whether they’re within your reach, and if you need help to achieve them.

First and foremost, we learned how closely your top three goals and challenges are aligned. For instance, successfully meeting the challenge of improving client services and administrative workflow will certainly help you achieve the goal of retaining existing clients.

We’ve also learned most of you feel confident you’re on track toward achieving your goals. However, many are uncertain if you need help prioritizing. Furthermore, if you do need help, you’re not certain what kind of help you need.

Take a look at our infographic to get a better view of our survey results, and a few solutions to help you prioritize and achieve your goals.

If you’re a current or prospective advisor and want to learn more about how some of LBS’ most powerful solutions can benefit you, check out the links below.