Supporting each other as women, it’s a power of success.

- Luba Levin, Shepherd Financial Partners

Breaking barriers and building each
other up

Women financial professionals understand the balance of taking care of clients, family, and themselves. Unsurprisingly, women at smaller firms enjoyed more work-life balance and less burnout*. Such insights drive LPL Financial to – despite our growth – work at making big feel small and personal for our financial advisors and institutions. 

In hearing from some of our own women financial professionals, that focus has paid off. In this short video, they talk about the support they receive from each other and the firm. 

Justine Ochoa:

We all face, you know, the classic imposter syndrome and how they were able to get through that and power through and just be a super-boss in this industry.

Stefanie Starling:

This women's forum is so nice because you meet people just like yourself – who are going through the same things. They've taken their kids to school that morning. Someone threw up. Someone forgot their shoes, right? And you've gotta have your mind straight for this 8:00 AM meeting or maybe a conference call or a presentation to your team. So we have a whole different set of hurdles to get over in the morning – and then at night to wrap it all together.

Mari Peralta:

No one of us is an island and can do it all. And so reaching out to those support systems and having that built around us – is so incredibly important to ensure that we have the opportunity to be our best selves by not being weighed down by some of these other things that get in the way.

Kara Case:

One thing that I've noticed right away, is without any question or any judgment the women are definitely here to support each other. And I think that's one thing to be said, but to really experience it has been very

Apryl Pope:

Powerful. But we actually have just a group of women that you can email at any time, any question you can have, like anything. And because they're all experienced and at different levels, you're gonna get feedback immediately. And so that way, there's no silly question.

Luba Levin:

I think being a woman and being a financial, in a man world, supporting each other as women, it's a power of success.

Women featured in the video

Apryl Pope, CFP®

Justine Ochoa

Stefanie Starling, CFP®

Mari Peralta, CFP®

Kara Case, CFP®

Luba Levin


* Burnout high among planners, especially for female financial advisors,, October 11, 2022

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