We want to connect people with intentionality so they can learn from each other and share their best practices and ideas so they can leverage the power of community.

- Beth Csengody, vice president, Advisor Diversity and Inclusion

Cultivating a personalized ecosystem

We’ve heard from financial professionals and their staff that they want to meet and stay connected to others who are like them. As LPL Financial grows, we want to ensure our financial professionals are able to create personal experiences. One of the ways we’re accomplishing this is through our Client Communities. Communities provide opportunities for networking, continuing education, service, and more. The value-added community networks can help financial professionals achieve goals and pursue their interests. 

Finding community through a digital connection

Today, virtual connections are more important than ever, which is why we are launching a digital platform with the power and scalability to bring all members of the LPL network together. The platform will launch with a select group of pilot users in late 2023 and will then be rolled out to other groups in 2024.

This digital platform is like a social media network. Users create posts in topic-based communities and interact in comment threads. Community members will be able to ask questions and get answers from their peers, and engage with and support each other all in a virtual environment. “This will take a lot of conversations out of emails, reduce manual efforts, and provide people the opportunity to access their networks 24/7,” said Lisa Ingram, vice president, Digital Community Operations.

Outcomes that help businesses thrive

LPL Financial’s Client Communities team is committed to making financial advisors and professionals feel connected to the firm, opportunities, and peers. This may be online, through a digital community, or it may be in person through engagement at a larger event.

“We want to connect people with intentionality so they can learn from each other and share their best practices and ideas so they can leverage the power of community,” said Beth Csengody, vice president, Advisor Diversity and Inclusion. “And to make it a win-win for everyone, we hope to hear from them how we can make their experience better as well.”

As we look forward to enhancing the community experience with the new digital platform, our advisor communities are already doing a lot of great work in person.

  • During our Focus conference in August, the LPL Pride Advisor Community came together to fill more than 50 backpacks for the San Diego LGBT Community Center. The backpacks included a water bottle, blanket, socks, beanie, gloves, and affirmation key chain, and were distributed to homeless youth in the community.
  • Julian Lopez, executive vice president, IAS Relationship Management, recently delivered the executive address at a U.S. Chamber of Commerce event in Orlando, Florida. Speaking about LPL’s commitment to promoting wealth management in the Hispanic and Latino community, Lopez was joined by seven financial advisors and two licensed support staff. Lopez shared, “The opportunity to collaborate with fellow Latino financial advisors and business leaders from diverse industries was truly gratifying, as we collectively explored avenues to thrive while creating a positive impact.”
  • Stanley Funches, president and LPL financial advisor, Intelus Wealth Management, served as a panelist in a session about driving growth at the recent Quad A (Association of African American Financial Advisors) V.I.S.I.O.N. Conference.  
  • In July, LPL was part of the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) International Business and Leadership Conference and awards ceremony. Our support of this conference furthers our commitment to expanding the diversity and reach of financial professionals.

“We are dedicated to creating communities that foster connection, sharing, and growth, and value diversity, equity, and inclusion as part of that effort,” said Angela Xavier, executive vice president, Client Success. “By building strong networks of financial advisors, we hope to attract a more diverse base of financial professionals and become the firm of choice for underrepresented advisors. This is one way we strive to meet the needs of widely diverse American investors.”

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