The financial services industry needs to bring more diverse perspectives into the conversation.

- Kristen Petrick, senior vice president, LPL Corporate Communication

Bringing diverse financial professional voices to the media

LPL Financial will pilot a new media matchmaking program with Choir, an organization on a mission to lift the voices of underrepresented financial professionals in our industry.

Through its Voices™ platform, Choir will connect LPL’s advisor communities with conference organizers, journalists, and content producers who seek to bring diverse voices to financial media and events. The Voices matchmaking tool will serve as a resource to highlight underrepresented advisors from Asian American and Pacific Islander, Black, Hispanic, Latino, MENA (Middle East/North Africa), and Indigenous communities, as well as women, LGBTQ+, veterans, immigrants, and non-binary advisors.

“Reporters are always looking to expand their network of sources and the financial services industry needs to bring more diverse perspectives into the conversation,” said Kristen Petrick, senior vice president, Corporate Communication. “The Choir Voices platform is an innovative tool that serves to connect underrepresented advisors with media interviews and speaking opportunities to share their ideas, insights, and gain valuable publicity to support new business development.”

LPL will pilot the program with a select group of advisors who currently participate in the Advisor Ambassador Council and Client Communities program. Trainings, communications tools, and resources are available through a community-style learning hub called Choir Practice to help advisors prepare for all media and speaking opportunities.  

LPL has a long-standing commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. The firm’s Client Communities connect advisors with like-minded peers through virtual meetings and participation in forums to network and share best practices. These communities also help advisors learn about new resources, and meet colleagues with similar backgrounds and journeys as a catalyst to spark inspiration and accelerate growth. Along with the LGBTQ+ community of advisors, LPL has communities for Asian American and Pacific Islander, Black, Hispanic, Latino, and women advisors, and will continue to create groups in response to advisor interest and feedback.

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