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Podcast summary: Highway to the Danger Zone

LPL Financial strategists Ryan Detrick and Jeff Buchbinder share their latest thoughts on the warnings about the economy from Jamie Dimon and Elon Musk, review recent economic data and what it could mean for the outlook, and discuss the likelihood of a June swoon.

On the economy, the strategists caution against putting too much stock in an economic forecast from any corporate executive or so-called “expert” given the high degree of uncertainty right now. What might be coming and how bad it might get may be fun to talk about, but in this environment, anyone who is confident they know where this economy and inflation will be in a year is fooling themselves. Friday’s better-than-expected May jobs report underscored consumers’ relatively healthy financial position.

The strategists expect an economic slowdown, not a recession. The transition from a goods-driven economy to one more reliant on services may be bumpy, but the strategists believe growth in the services economy will enable the overall economy to avoid recession in the near term. Falling backlogs revealed in the latest Institute for Supply Management (ISM) surveys and news of China’s reopening indicate further easing of supply chain pressures, key to beginning to solve the inflation problem.

From a seasonal perspective, stocks have historically not fared very well in June, although June performance has been solidly positive over the past 10 years, up 1.4% on average. During midterm election years such as this one, however, stocks have on average fallen 1.8%. The strategists point out, however, that big up weeks such as the week ending May 27, when the S&P 500 Index rose 6.6%, tend to be followed by solid gains over the subsequent three, six, and 12 months.

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