Technology to enable financial planning in your practice

Your clients want to know you have a plan in place to help them work toward their long-term goals—a plan that accounts for events that could potentially derail their lifelong dreams.

By incorporating financial planning into your practice, you give clients confidence while helping them maintain a long-term view of their finances, and stay committed to their goals. Planning allows you to elevate your value beyond investment performance, deepen client relationships, and potentially capture new assets.

While some clients may need a detailed, in-depth financial plan if they have a lot of wealth and complexity, others may simply require a goals-based strategy that outlines where they are today—and how they can get where they want to be tomorrow. Whatever the situation, you have access to technology that helps you address it.

Thriving Through Planning & Technology

Client Goals

Part of ClientWorks, Client Goals is a free tool that allows you to generate a simple, goals-based strategy. Use it to help clients track their progress toward personal objectives, rather than against a financial index. It’s especially useful when market movements are unpredictable, as you can pivot clients’ focus from the market news back to their long-term goals. Within minutes, you can generate an action plan to help them invest for retirement, education, or a major purchase.

You’re also able to push these goals to the new Account View mobile app and portal for your clients to see when they access their account information.

Client Goals is ideal for investors who don’t need a complex financial plan, or advisors who are new to planning but want to keep clients focused on goals rather than a market index.

MoneyGuide and WealthVision – Powered by eMoney

Integrated with ClientWorks, both MoneyGuide and WealthVision are powerful financial tools that make it easy for you to pull in client data and start planning.

Both of these subscription-based services offer in-depth planning services and client portals, but each provide different features. One may be more suited to your needs based on the level and type of planning you want to provide clients. When you’re ready to start making planning an integral part of your practice, using one of these tools is easier than ever before via ClientWorks integrations.

MoneyGuide is currently offering LPL advisors a 14-day free trial of the integrated experience in ClientWorks. Visit the Thrive section of the Thrivalist Resource Center page to sign-up today.


This makes it easy for you to get compensated for your advice and planning services. By charging for planning, you can potentially increase your value and level of service to existing clients, and expand your reach to new client types.

AdvicePay offers your clients the option to pay online for your planning services via credit card or direct deposit. Whether you’re already doing financial planning and need an easier way for clients to pay you or want to start charging for planning services, AdvicePay is a great option to set up monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual payment plans.

Are you a Thrivalist?

All of these tools are part of our Thrivalist technology suite. Whether you’re working remotely for an extended period of time or are back in the office and looking for opportunities to grow, these solutions can help strengthen your client relationships.


This material is intended for Financial Professionals. Advisors should only recommend an advisory account if it is suitable for the client. Advisory accounts may not be appropriate for every client. Advisors need to understand that advisory relationships involve a higher standard of care than brokerage and typically require an ongoing duty to provide advice and monitoring.