LPL launches its second annual Sustainability Report

At LPL Financial, we are committed to supporting the vital work you do every day with excellence, integrity, and ethical standards.

Your work makes a positive difference, and we believe that LPL’s sustainability depends not only on the business we conduct but also on how we conduct it.

The Sustainability Report details our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy, goals, and activities. It’s also our chance to share our story with interested stakeholders proactively.

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Why create an ESG report?

ESG reporting is core to the way today’s responsible businesses operate. By publishing a report, we can continue to attract and retain employees and advisors who are influenced by this data.

We also anticipate that some of you may be able to grow your practices by attracting new investors and advisors interested in ESG topics.

Reporting on these topics also helps us proactively influence various ratings agencies that evaluate businesses against such criteria. These agencies’ ratings can be influential to certain investors who choose to make investment decisions based on ESG ratings.

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Our focus

It is important that our ESG goals align with what matters to us as a firm and not just for the sake of reporting. Therefore, we have currently emphasized three core areas where we intend to drive measurable results in the coming years:

  • Investment strategies: We’re continuing to develop our sustainable investing strategies and platforms, providing you and your clients additional options to meet their sustainable investment needs.
  • Training and development: As part of our cultural transformation, we’re expanding our training and development programs for employees, giving them new tools to help them succeed and better support you.
  • Going paperless: Improving the ease and efficacy of our paperless statement mailing program is an initiative we believe can significantly impact our environmental footprint.

As you will see, the report is much more than an environmental report. It tells our story on a wide variety of topics, ranging from cybersecurity and business ethics to employee well-being and sustainable investing options for you and your clients.

The report also captures our numerous initiatives to promote thriving communities and a better quality of life for our entire corporate ecosystem.

Download this year’s sustainability report (PDF)


This material is intended for Financial Professionals.