Say goodbye to phone tag with clients attempting to schedule a meeting. 

Say goodbye to lost prospects  because you couldn’t get a meeting with them on the books.

The sophisticated ScheduleOnce calendaring tool helps you eliminate these frustrations in the following ways:

  • Enjoy the convenience of digitally and automatically scheduling investor meetings with ease.
  • Send prospects or clients a link to view openings in your calendar and book the time that works best for them.
  • Offer them the flexibility to change the date & time of their appointment once scheduled
  • Receive automatic calendar updates if your client or prospect changes the date or time of a meeting.

Add a personalized ScheduleOnce link to your email signature, so your recipients can set up a meeting with you quickly and easily.

Features and capabilities

ScheduleOnce features and capabilities
  • Set up a customizable booking page with a personal profile that let you sync with multiple calendars in your office, and even integrate with video conferencing apps.
  • Share call-in details automatically with clients in the meeting information after they schedule a video conference
  • Pull in prospect and client information when you connect ScheduleOnce with SalesForce or Redtail.

ScheduleOnce makes life easier for everyone:

  • Clients can set up a meeting with you after reading your email.
  • Prospects responding to marketing emails can take immediate action to schedule a meeting with you.
  • Visitors to your website—have the power to connect with you easily.

Your staff can use it to schedule meetings with you.

Get ScheduleOnce on your schedule

  • Search for “ScheduleOnce” in the Resource Center, where you’ll find sign-up details. 
  • Find ScheduleOnce as part of the Thrivalist Kit, which offers you tools and resources to help you thrive in today’s environment and the future.

ScheduleOnce is $15 per month for three users. It’s an additional $10 per month per user after that. Your affiliation with LPL Financial entitles you to a waived set-up fee (valued at $125 per user) and an annual 10% discount.

NOTE: There are specific guidelines and Compliance policies that must be adhered to when using this tool. You’ll find the details on the Resource Center ScheduleOnce page.


This material is intended for Financial Professionals.