With new messaging, a new look and feel—but the same great logo—LPL reinforces its value for financial advisors, institutions, and by extension, investors across America

In many ways, LPL is not the same company we were even just three years ago. A renewed culture and sense of purpose, new services and technologies, and even new ways of affiliating with us have reshaped our vision of what is possible for the future of our industry and our collective place in it. That's why we set out to refresh our brand and bring our story up to date, so we could demonstrate the unique value we strive to bring to our advisors every day. Like everything we do at LPL, we start this journey with you, introducing you to our new brand positioning.

"At its heart, the brand is what you stand for. At LPL, we stand for freedom and independence in financial advice, the power of a strong partnership, and our financial advisors' unlimited potential."

Building tomorrow, together at LPL Financial

An important part of our value as your partner is that we're always looking ahead to what's next. From regulatory changes to new technology to a shift in consumer expectations, we consider how any industry trend could affect how you run your practice — so we can work on getting you the support or solution you need. And the financial industry has certainly seen its fair share of change, whether you look back 30 years, 10 years, or even at the last one or two. At LPL, we realize that as we adapted to all this change — expanding our offerings, improving our  technology, and transforming our culture — that wasn't necessarily reflected in how the market saw us.

So when we took stock of all that change, we asked ourselves: Is the way we talk about ourselves aligned to what we have to offer in terms of products, services, and value? That's when we realized it was time to refresh our brand — how we position ourselves in the market. The tone we use to communicate. The look and feel of our websites and resources. How we describe ourselves to the public and our advisors regarding who we are, what we stand for, and the value we strive to bring to the financial industry. That's what our brand journey has been about.

At its heart, the brand is what you stand for. At LPL, we stand for freedom and independence in financial advice, the power of a strong partnership, and our financial advisors' unlimited potential.

What does LPL's new brand mean for you?

The simple answer to this question is this: you can decide what the new LPL brand means to you. You'll start to see our new visual expression across our digital platforms, our social media channels, and the resources you leverage. And that might be the extent of its impact, depending on how you run your business. That's part of the beauty behind "feel free" — it's still your business, your way. And ideally, this new positioning statement reinforces what you already knew about LPL as your partner. That we are here to serve you, we'll never forget that, and we'll never stop doing more to make that service and support better and more impactful for you.

In addition to reinforcing that point for you, we also wanted to make it easier for you to tell a better story about the role LPL plays in your practice. Whether you leverage our brand or use your own DBA, many of you have told us that you need more support in explaining your relationship with LPL Financial to your clients. Helping you tell a better, more straightforward story is a big part of our new brand and what we'll deliver for you.

For the latest brand guidelines — and tips to help you brand and market your practice —we encourage current LPL advisors to visit the Resource Center's "Our New Brand Positioning" page. And as always, we welcome your feedback. If you have questions or feedback on our new brand—or your own stories to tell—please email us.

Experience freedom at LPL

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