Sometimes your greatest partner is an LPL advisor who is just a phone call away. 

Janet Barr had the opportunity to stretch her client base even further across the U.S. Instead, she decided that having a local advisor would be best for these clients.

As a result, she expanded her own professional network—and made an excellent recommendation for the clients.

Janet’s practice, Collaborative Financial Solutions and Wealth Management, is based in California. Although she serves clients in 10 states, when she was approached about serving elderly clients who live in Virginia, she decided to tap into the LPL advisor network.

“I knew in my heart that trying to serve those clients from California wasn’t the best idea, although I am licensed in Virginia and could have handled the account,” she says.

Engaging another advisor

Janet began her search for an LPL advisor who could provide in-person support.

“I found Cathy McCloy, who lives 20–30 minutes away from the clients and was a natural fit,” Janet says. “She can drive over to their home to meet with them, which she does quarterly and as needed. We’re working in a coordinated effort and are taking this intergenerational by including family members in discussions.”

Janet and Cathy aligned on guiding principles for their businesses, which solidified their partnership.

“Janet and I seemed to be compatible from the beginning,” Cathy says.

“We run our businesses in a similar fashion. We both recognize the importance of providing personal support and exceptional service.”

Cathy adds, “Since we are jointly on the account, I hold regular calls with Janet. She is always in the loop. This is good for me, as Janet provides a valuable perspective, and it’s good for her, as she maintains a relationship with the clients as well.”

Sharing best practices has benefited them both.

"Cathy and I now share ideas on what’s working, and what’s our read on the market. We work together in a collaborative, integrated fashion, and she is a valuable colleague."
 — Janet Barr

By carving out time to stay connected, Janet and Cathy have built a partnership that works for both of them—and it all began with a simple phone call between LPL advisors.


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