By partnering with M&A Solutions, we've been able to outsource a lot of the due diligence and heavy lifting to true experts who have the ability to deeply analyze these acquisition opportunities.”

- Michael Shanahan, CFP®, AIF®, managing partner, Overland & Shanahan Wealth Advisors, Inc.

Mike Shanahan, managing partner of Overland & Shanahan Wealth Advisors, is actively growing his business. He recently partnered with LPL’s M&A Solutions – a service that gives LPL advisors an advantage in the M&A marketplace by reducing the length of the deal cycle, making the process more cost effective, and improving the outcomes of buying or monetizing their business.

Leveraging experts to find the right fit for growth

Located in San Diego, California, Overland & Shanahan Wealth Advisors specializes in working with business owners and corporate executives to address their unique retirement, investment, and estate planning needs. As the Managing Partner, Shanahan is keenly focused on the growth of the firm, explaining, “We look at [growth] from two perspectives – organic growth and inorganic growth. Organic growth is created by spending meaningful time with our prospects, clients, and centers of influence. Inorganic growth is achieved through practice acquisition. Our approach to acquisitions is to make sure that we find the right fit in a selling firm. Do their clients look the same as our current clients? Do they match a particular niche or niches that we specialize in? And so on.”

Shanahan found the support he needed with the Premium Buyer Program, part of LPL’s M&A Solutions. “By partnering with M&A Solutions, we've been able to outsource a lot of the due diligence and heavy lifting to true experts who have the ability to deeply analyze these acquisition opportunities. It's also been a huge time saver and has given us confidence that these acquisitions will be successful.”

Easier, faster, cost-effective

M&A Solutions provides support—tailored to your specific goals—that is fast, efficient, and cost-effective. This takes the burden often associated with deal transaction and execution off of the financial professional so that they can stay focused on their clients.

“We were presented with an opportunity for an acquisition,” said Shanahan. “At first blush, I really didn't like the way that the deal looked – I wasn't sure that we'd be able to actually extract the value from it.” Serving as an extension of Shanahan’s team, the M&A Solutions team completed extensive due diligence, validated that it was a great match for his business and helped him complete the deal.

Shanahan has been pleased with the transaction, explaining that, “it’s shaping up to be one of the most profitable acquisitions that we've completed to date.”

M&A Solutions is your strategic partner throughout the M&A experience. With the Premium Buyer Program, you can enhance your position as a qualified buyer as well as get “first look” access to M&A opportunities, plus access to LPL’s M&A Deal Support. When you’re ready to grow your practice, M&A Solutions is ready to help.

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