Lisa Yang draws on her Taiwanese roots to tap into a diverse client base

While her parents immigrated to the United States from Taiwan more than 40 years ago, Lisa Yang maintains a strong cultural link to their Taiwanese background. The youngest of three daughters, and the only one born in the United States, she considers herself a one-half-generation American, “a mix of some of my upbringing in the United States with much of my cultural background from Taiwan,” she says.

“Diversity in this community is becoming more and more important. When you have diversity, you have different opinions and different backgrounds. There is value in these different opinions.”
– Lisa Yang, Advisor and Certified Financial Planner ™, Symbio Financial Partners

As an LPL Financial Advisor and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™ Practitioner for La Jolla-based Symbio Financial Partners, Lisa draws heavily on her cultural heritage in developing the trust of immigrant clients who are otherwise hesitant to engage with financial professionals.

“With my background coming from immigrant parents, some of the philosophies around financial security and financial health are vastly different.  When my parents were growing up, financial institutions weren't necessarily trusted with different insurances,” Lisa says. “The concept was to just hide the cash under the mattress or in the sofa.”

Lisa’s background provides her with keen insight into the challenges and concerns associated with investor diversity, allowing her to develop highly targeted plans that help build confidence. Those plans merge elements of both personal financial education and investor financial education – a hands-on approach that resonates strongly with her clients. “Having that kind of background, and growing up in that mindset, has made a big impact on how I treat my clients,” Lisa says. “Some of my clients are more risk-averse, and this helps me really understand where they're coming from.”

Youth movement

Lisa got her start in financial planning at an early age, working as an intern with Symbio while attending UC San Diego. Shortly after graduation she joined the firm full time, where she works directly with clients in creating customized financial planning roadmaps that help them pursue their financial goals.

Lisa leverages her millennial status as the third generation represented at Symbio – tapping into a younger client base and helping them get started in their investment and savings journey. “My focus recently has been on the next generation of people coming into the workforce,” she says. “These investors may not necessarily have a lot of funds to invest immediately, but helping them try out their goals, and meet their goals in the long-term, has been tremendously fulfilling.”

While her younger clients may not have the resources of more mature investors, the prospect of helping them create a more secure future yields a far higher ROI in terms of her personal motivation. “I feel like I can add so much more value in helping with the financial education piece — maybe student loans, or helping them figure out how to buy their first car,” she says. “I find that financial health is becoming more and more of a priority to people these days. So, being able to help them on that path has been really rewarding.”

Celebrating diversity

As an Asian-American woman in the financial industry, Lisa appreciates the role that minority backgrounds and insights can provide at every level of planning. “Diversity in this community is becoming more and more important. When you have diversity, you have different opinions and different backgrounds. There is value in these different opinions, and their take on the same situations,” she says. “Having a similar background helps me provide greater services and greater value to their unique situations.”

Lisa also appreciates LPL’s commitment to advisor diversity, and the role it’s playing in empowering minority financial professionals and their clients. “LPL advisor diversity support has been great, especially in their establishment of different diversity groups,” she says. “I'm in both an Asian focus group along with a woman's group, and having those support channels to discuss the different issues that come across has been really impactful and helped me feel supported as an advisor.”

That’s the kind of support that’s enabled Lisa to nurture the next generation of investors – helping them establish strong financial health while building secure futures for themselves and their families.

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