Being in a meeting that LPL provides for the program managers to help us be successful is part of that teamwork that I talk about with LPL.

- Bill Moor, Capital City Investments

A relationship-based approach at LPL Financial

"LPL is a partner and I think that speaks volumes to be able to say that. They help us with our business, and when we have a problem, they help solve the problem,” says Bill Moor, president of Capital City Investments.

Capital City Investments joined LPL’s Institution Services platform three years ago, choosing to partner with LPL to support their client acquisition and growth goals. Since then, Capital City’s revenue and profitability back to the bank have grown, and their 15 financial advisors have seen their businesses grow. Moor also attributes it to the fellowship between the advisors, sharing their success stories and helping each other learn.

Resources and tools that make an impact

As Capital City looks to grow their business through recruiting advisors, they’re tapping into the resources LPL offers.

“Our relationship manager is my go-to person for everything,” says Moor. “He’s very supportive of us and prompts us to utilize resources that LPL has that help us grow our business.”

Capital City finds the Program Performance Analysis they receive to be extremely helpful. While its data and metrics provide timely information to their board, the team also uses it every quarter to help their advisors identify their goals and guide them on their growth path.

Bill Moor:

 Since we've been with LPL, our numbers have really grown in terms of our revenue back to the bank and our profitability to the bank. We've got 15 advisors who knock on wood, we've retained, and they have grown their business. Because they have been with us, their business really grew in the last year. LPL is a partner and I think that speaks volumes to be able to say that. They help us with our business. And when we have a problem, they help, solve the problem. I feel that support through our relationship manager, that's who I interact with. He's my go-to person for everything. And not only that, he prompts us to utilize things that the resources that LPL has that help us grow our business. And with his prodding and prompting, we're growing our business.

The program performance analysis has really been helpful. Not only has it been helpful to my sales coach, Ed West, who is the one who drives my advisors, but also to our board. They said to me, two board meetings ago; that for we're really getting some good information and timely for a change. Our sales coach actually uses that every quarter to sit down with each advisor on the phone. And discuss where they are, what's changed, what their goals are, how they're gonna reach their goals, and what they need to do using that data and those metrics in the report.

It's all about finding the right person to get the answers. And it's nice to be able to interact with somebody who might have success in one area as an advisor, and how they're doing that. And be able to talk to them about that success. LPL is a big company, but coming to a meeting of other program managers, you can always learn something. One thing that I've learned is trying to again, figure out where I need to go for things. And just being in a meeting like PLC, that LPL provides for, the program managers to help us be successful is part of that teamwork that I've talked about with LPL. I have a great relationship with our relationship manager who's very supportive of us.


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