Financial marketing plan

4 Steps to Marketing Success

Marketing success is possible when you make a plan and stick to it. Here’s how to create an effective financial marketing plan for your practice.

Articulating what sets you apart from the crowd is more important than ever.

In preparation for creating a new financial marketing plan for your practice, follow this marketing plan example. These simple steps will help you stay organized and on target to reach your goals.

1.     Define your value proposition

Articulating what sets you apart from the crowd is more important than ever. Your value proposition and mission statement form the foundation of all marketing and communication efforts, making these critical first steps in developing your marketing plan.

To identify key themes to incorporate, brainstorm as a team and ask your current clients what they like about working with you. For LPL Financial advisors, take advantage of the tools and best practices on the Resource Center to help with this exercise.

2.     Review your website and social media profiles

Once your value prop is defined, make sure your website and social media profiles reflect what makes you unique.

Validate this by asking a friend to try to find you online and explain your value proposition to you. If they can’t find you, or they’re not sure how to describe your value, then plan time to make the necessary updates to correct this.

3.     Create a marketing calendar

When it comes to marketing and communications, consistency is key. One of the best financial advisor marketing strategies is to create a calendar for all activities to help you stay on track. Items to include:

  • Client events
  • Newsletters
  • Direct mail outreach
  • Print advertisements
  • Social media content
  • Original content, such as blog posts and videos

When creating your calendar, consider seasonality. For example, publish a blog post about 529 plans during the back-to-school season, or share an article about couples and finances near Valentine’s Day.

4.     Measure results

As you execute your marketing calendar throughout the year, make sure you’re keeping track of the outcome. How many people attended your client event? How many of them were new prospects?

Track engagement with your social media posts and original content. And include a call to action with direct mail and print advertisements so you know how new prospects are finding you.

A call to action is a specific request of your audience that can be measured, for example: “Call our office to schedule an initial consultation,” or “visit our website to learn more.” Update your marketing plan as needed based on your measurable results.


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If you're an existing LPL advisor, get help with planning, client retention and more in Resource Center.

You should consult your compliance department for information about the review and approval of marketing communications and rules for social media marketing and use.




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