5 Steps to Helping Clients Weather Market Volatility

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The market is moving, and after a relatively stable decade, these fluctuations may be causing investors to worry about the future of their assets—and thinking about making a rash exit. As their financial advisor, you’re not just their money manager; you’re the educator and counselor they look to for answers. Are you ready to answer their questions and reassure them to stay the course in an uncertain environment?

We lay out five steps and walk through various exercises you can use in your client conversations to help allay fears and build confidence in your recommendations. By getting ahead of market events, you foster trust and solidify your relationships.

Be prepared and proactive, no matter what the closing bell brings. Find out how today by downloading our workbook, The Advisor's Guide for Helping Clients Weather Market Volatility.

While being a money manager is important, your roles as educator and counselor are even more vital, especially in challenging market conditions.