The Four Reasons the Demand for Financial Advice is Booming

The trends creating demand for financial advice and how financial advisors can take advantage

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Times of flux bring opportunity. In today’s current economic landscape, the investing public needs financial advice to navigate accelerating change from four main macro trends:

  • Shifts across different generations are creating unique opportunities
  • Regulatory changes, while painful for financial advisors, have created greater investor trust in the industry1
  • Clients’ needs are becoming increasingly complex
  • Technology has enabled investor access to more information, but it could be causing information overload

In this white paper, we take a deep dive into each of these factors and offer suggestions for how financial advisors can seize the opportunity at hand.

Distributors and product providers take note: ready-to-act investors are more trusting of the industry and confident in their knowledge of investing and fees. The majority of investors with purchase intent require a greater level of sophistication in marketing outreach and messaging, as their needs go beyond the basic concepts of investing.

1Market Strategies International, Cogent Wealth Reports, “Investor Brand BuilderTM: Maximize Purchase Intent Among Investors and Expand Client Relationships,” November 2017. For Advisor Use Only. Not for use with the public.