LPL Business Solutions

LPL Financial

As a financial advisor, serving your clients is your top priority. As a business owner, growing revenue, increasing profitability, improving business efficiency, and scaling operations are critical. LPL is committed to helping our advisor partners and our CFO Solutions service is available to help you reach your business goals.

Optimize the growth and profitability of your business

As a partner of LPL, not only are we committed to helping you take care of your clients, we want to help you take care of your own business goals. With CFO Solutions, you gain a business specialist who will study your practice and your goals. Your CFO will help you assess how your practice is doing and create a strategy for keeping your business goals on track.  

Additionally, your CFO can connect you to exclusive capital solutions, ROI guidance on growth initiatives, and insight on mergers and planning your retirement.

Advisor potential benefits from LPL CFO Solutions:

  • Financial reviews that uncover opportunities to cut expenses and increase profit
  • Assistance with succession planning to maximize exit payouts
  • Special access to LPL’s capital solutions—advisors in this program can borrow at more favorable terms