Virtual Administrative Services

February 22, 2019

LPL Financial

Give your practice an experienced professional to serve as your administrative assistant with direct access to LPL systems and partners, giving you the freedom to focus on clients, generate revenue, and drive growth.

Getting Your To-Do List Done

Your Virtual Admin is your go-to resource for helping you run and manage your business. From simple tasks like answering phones and maintaining your calendar to helping with client profile management and taking care of your clients' routine needs, your Virtual Admin is a dedicated professional focused on supporting you and your practice. 

And with your Virtual Admin on the job, you have more time to deliver a higher caliber of service to your clients.

Advisors' Benefits from Virtual Admin

  • 11% growth in net new assets
  • Up to 70% reduction in rejected paperwork
  • 50% average reduction in calls to LPL Service Center
  • 30% increase in adoption of eSignature
  • More efficient reporting
  • Reduced time integrating support staff into the practice
  • More time to nurture client relationships and referral follow-ups