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Managing the day-to-day of your practice limits your time for clients. Admin Solutions pairs you with an experienced professional to serve as your administrative assistant. Fully-trained in LPL systems and procedures, your dedicated admin can complete client and account tasks better and faster, helping you save money and time.

Downsize your to-do list. Upsize your time for clients.

When you partner with LPL, one of the services you can take advantage of to run your practice the way you want is LPL Admin Solutions.

You’ll be paired with a go-to professional to help you manage your practice. From simple tasks like answering phones and maintaining your calendar to helping with client profile management and opening new accounts , your admin is on hand so you can be there for your clients.

Advisor potential benefits from LPL Admin Solutions:

  • 40% average cost savings vs. hiring traditional in-office support staff
  • 75 hours average time saved each month on operational tasks
  • Up to 70% reduction in rejected paperwork
  • 50% average reduction in calls to LPL Service Center
  • 30% increase in adoption of eSignature
  • Improved end client experience
  • More efficient CRM usage, data, and reporting